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If you are finding for a balance bike for a novice rider,  then this bike can be an excellent choice for you. If your kid ages between 2-6 years old then Ybike balance bike   got  the unique design that makes it different from ost of the bikes. Kids love this bike mostly for it’s color and design.The technology used in this bike is also a little bit different from the other bikes I reviewed.



Probably your kid wants a bike which looks like a motor cycle or electric scooter. Then I will suggest you to buy this one .I am going to discuss Ybike balance bike in detail. You will know all the features of the bike . I will also inform you what customers feel about this balance bike.


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Cool features of  Ybike Balance Bike



Ybike Balance Bike is suitable for the kids who never experienced biking. Parents want to ensure safety of their kids first.Ybike Balance Bike is targets those market segment where safety and comfortability are the prior concerns.I am going to discuss all the features. If you simply go through the article, You will know an all the pros and cons  of this bike.



The different and lucrative design is the primary reason kids love this bike. This bike comes with two wheels. Ybike balance bike is designed in a way so that it looks similar to a motor cycle. Kids simply love motor cycle. Attractive baby motorcycle with different lucrative colors make this early rider balance bike famous to all the toddlers.



Durability is another main reason parents love to buy. This bike can support enough weight . It is not vulnerable and made for regular use. The bike is weather proof. You don not have to worry about rain or snow. Ybike used two rear wheels which make this bike more stable.



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For any balance bike ground, clearnace is an important things. A bike’s quality depends largely on ground clearance. If it is not balanced in a bike, a bike can never be safe to ride. Ybike Balance Bike ensures that ground clearance is properly balanced. So you do not have to worry about the safety issue.



Benefits you will get from  Ybike Balance Bike



Before purchasing any product you must know what are the benefits you are going to get. It is different from wooden balance bike or Go glider balance bike or Mini Glider balance bike.By comparing the benefits of different products, you can come to a decision whether you should purchase a product or not.You are just about know the benefits of Ybike Balance Bike.



1.Ybike balance bike is ade of plastic. You may think that  a bike made of plastic can contain toxic.At the same time it can be vulnerable. Not only you I also used to think in that way. But it is a wrong mindset we possess. Plastic used to make this bike is high quality plastic. Non-toxic and highly durable plastic made Ybike a great bike.



2.Comfortable seat makes kids to ride all day long.



3.Ybike balance bike is highly affortable. Because of this affortable price , Ybike is treated as the best balance bike to many parents.



4.Beautiful desing with attractive color makes the bike more desirable to the kids.



5.To enhance stability, Ybike used rear wheels.



Pros and cons of  Ybike Balance Bike



1.If you want your child to train how to ride a bike, then there is no better lternative of a balance bike.It will help your kid to learn balancing and other aspects of biking. Ybike Balance Bike also assures safety as this bike is used as a learning tool.


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2.I have reviewed so many bikes. If you have read other contents, you got an idea of toddler bike industry. Many parents find specialized balance bike expensive for a kid. But Ybike is one of the most affortable bike I reviewed. But this bike did not compromised quality for a cheaper price.



3.Many parents find it tough to assemble a bike .Almost no assembly required in Ybike. This bike relieves you from any kind of complications. Kids also love this simplified version of balance bike.The little adjustment you have to do will learn by going through the guided book provided with the toddler bike.



4.Kids love this toddler balance bike for a different reason.  Ybike Balance Bike just looked like a smaller version of the motorcycle.




1.Some parents prefer to adjust ll the parts according to their kid’s comfortability. They do not like a over simplified nonadjustable early rider bike.



2.Though Ybike Balance Bike used high quality plastic , many parents just don’t ok with plastic. They prefer steel or wooden balance bike instead of a plastic made bike.



Some tips for you


1.Do not leave your kids alone with the bike in thefirst two weeks.


2.Keep the bike regularly.


3.Try to avoid feeding your kids while they are sitting on a bike.


4.Keep it out of direct sun light. It may fade the color of the bike.



Final Verdict


Kids love bike which looks like motorcycle.Simply ignore the thing that Ybike Balance Bike is made of plastic. This plastic is not like the cheap toxic plastic. Ybike guarantees that the plastic they used  is healthy for your kid.You are not getting a balance bike with that much quality at an affordable price like this. If you do not have a high budget to purchase an wooden balance bike or Strider balance bike for kids, then this can be a very good alternative for you.


Do not worry of planning which one you should buy. Your kids are  growing and within a very short time they will be grown up. So let them enjoy their childhood within your limitations. Their time is precious. Make them smile and build a childhood to remember.









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