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UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards


 UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter










There is a misconception that electric scooter is only for kids. But this is a wrong idea. Electric scooter was made for adults. As it is safe and easy to use, kids use it more frequently. The electric scooter for adults are made with strong frame with attractive design. The electric scooter for kids are more colorful and usually a more eye catchy.  UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter can be a great choice .


Electric scooters are environment-friendly and considered to be the most efficient eco-friendly means of transport. Companies are trying to develop it frequently. Developing the battery power along with increasing the speed is an open challenge for the companies who are involved in electric scooter business. They are trying their best to bring the best electric scooter to us.


If you go to a market, you will find a huge collection of electric scooters. You will find both electric scooters for adults and the electric scooter for kids.  This massive collection of the scooter can make you confused to take a decision which will be the appropriate one to bring home. Even on the internet, after going through some of the contents of some blog, you will get confused which one to finalize and which one to reject.



It is a tough decision to make for a customer who is prioritizing to get the best electric scooter. The budget also becomes a vital issue.  All we want in an electric scooter is quality, safety, functionality, and pricing.  UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards is offering you all of them. I will recommend you to go through the features to know the product better. You can purchase this scooter from


Kids above 12 years of age can comfortably ride this scooter. Adults can use the scooter as a mean of regular transport. This will come handy when you have to reach short distance fast.


Features of UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter


Dimension: 42 in height, 24 in wide, 44 in length and 79lbs of weight UberScoot 1000w  electric scooter got.

Chain motor drive system: Chain motor drive system is one of the great features of this electric scooter.

Battery: 1000 Watt batteries consisting three 12V/12AH( 36V System)

Speed: It offers maximum speed of 23-27 MPH

Range: 10 miles per charge is he maximum covered range. It depends on the weight of the rider.


Battery Life:  UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter offers 250 cycles of battery life.


Seat: Easy to install quick release seat makes the scooter more comfortable.


Economy Mode Button: Economy mode button is a great feature to save the unnecessary  use of the battery.


Benefits of UberScoot 100W



Long Battery Life


If you buy UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter, you will get long battery life.  Compared to most of the electric scooters for adults,  this scooter promise better battery life.  This scooter will work smoothly for 250 cycles once you charge it.  It will run 16 km per charge.


The rechargeable battery can be charged with a charger. You will be provided the charger along with the main product. You do not have to pay an extra amount to have the charger. Overall,  customers are very happy using  UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter for a long period .you will also get after purchasing service from the company. Accessories are available. There is nothing to worry about this scooter.


Reliable mode of transport


You can use UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter as a safe mode of transportation.You can enjoy every ride. You can visit your neighborhood, friend in the short distance. It is refreshing just to roam around with an electric scooter. Riding an electric scooter is full of fun. It saves your precious time. You can avoid traffic jam which can late you for an important meeting. You can trust it and treat as a reliable mode of transport.


How to install and maintain it?


UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is an eco-friendly  Scooter. At the same time, it is user-friendly. This scooter is easy to install, use and maintain. Once it arrives at your door, just going through the instruction manual, ou can easily install the scooter. It will not take more than an hour to set up installation.


To maintain  UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter you have to charge it properly. Do not let it uncharged for too long. It damages the battery. Clean it properly with soft cloth. Do not put pressure on it. Avoid uneven surface.




1.Though it is not possible to speed up like a bike, you are required to put on a helmet. Never have a ride without a helmet specially if a kid is riding the scooter.


  1. There is no doubt that kids can ride UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter. Any kids above 12 years old can ride the scooter comfortably. Just make sure your kid is skilled enough to ride on the busy road. Unless your kid is properly trained, do no let him ride on the busy city street.




Energy efficient design with eco-friendly features made UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter one of the best electric scooters . Advanced technologies are used to build this scooter.  It can be an exciting investment for any one to go with this scooter.






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