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As balance bike is getting popular among kids, parents are continuously looking for the best balance bikes in the market. Strider Balance Bike is that kind of balance bike that parents find almost perfect. If you just read the customer reviews discussed below you will get to know why this bike is so great. This bike will not only help your kids to learn how to balance or ride a bike but will help to boost up confidence level. Your kid will come out of fear and will ride in the light.


Ryan Mc Farland is the founder of Strider balance bike. He believes that Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance Bike has got everything that parents want in a kid’s bikeAt the same tie the lucrative design and use of colors will make your kids happy more than you imagined.


There are three types of Strider bikes in the market. Though there are many similarities among them but you will find noticeable differences if you dig deeper. In all of those three types of bike, there is no question of safety and quality is highly maintained. But it is you who have to make a choice to purchase the one that best suits you.


For your convenience, I am going to discuss about every single detail including pros and cons and customer reviews to help you to make a proper decision.




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Exclusive Features of  Strider Balance Bike




12.7mm steel handlebar is one of the important features of this balance bike. Your kids can have a better control using this handlebar. Small sized grips attached to this handlebars will keep your kid’s hand safe.




Have you heard about EVA polymer tires? These tires are so light, and you do not have to worry about it’s maintenance.




Wheels of Great Features of Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance Bike is so light. These light weighted wheels help your kids to feel more comfortable. Quality engineered bearing are used in this bike.




What does you want most in a balance bike? It’s comfortable. Durable materials are used in to build this bike and this material is positioned in a way to maximize the comforts of your kid. If you are worried of your grown up kid above 3/4 years old. Trust me, you do not have to worry. Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike gives you an extra long seat and a padded seat.


Brake mounts:


Brake mounts are important in balance bike.Strider balance bike offers you a unique and high-quality brake mounts. Brake mounts depend on the age of the child. It will vary from 18 months to over three years old child.You may think what will be the use of brake mounts? Let me explain. Whenever your baby will try to stop the bike, he will b able to stop it then and there without any hesitation simply using feet.




Footrest is attached to a balance bike that is installed within a frame. Kids are helped to maintain their balance using the footrest.


Benefits customer gets from this product


Thre are many benefits of riding a balance bike.Some offers are provided by Strider balance bike. From my own research on customer reviews and opinions on different social media, I came up with the following benefits-


One of the most important benefits Strider 12 no pedal balance bike provides is that parents do not have to worry about safety. This bike is the pioneer of providing safety in biking. Babies can take their bikes outside and ride them in the baby way.
2.The bike is built for the kids aged from 18 months to 5 years. Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike is strong and weather proof. For these reasons, It is always a good investment on this balance bike for a long period.


You can choose one for your kid from a variety of colors. The design is also elegant.
If you are thinking how a kid can learn to balance using Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike. Watch this video –


Pros and Cons of Strider balance bike

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1.This bike is recommended by most conscious parents.

2.Convenient size makes the bike suitable for kids.

3.Unlike other famous balance bikes, Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance

Bike is so light and kids find it easy to move.

4.The frame used in this bike is strong enough.

5.This balance bike will last long undoubtedly.




1.This bike does not have any major negative side to highlight.Many customers told me that the price of this balance bike was a little bit high.


For whom Strider Balance bike is


Every parent can buy Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike if they are planning to buy the best balance bike or their kids. Kids aged from 18 months to 5 years will find this bike amazing to ride.


Parents who are planning to train their kids on how to ride a bike should start with this balance bike.Kids will learn to balance while playing with this bike.


Tips on using this bike


Though this bike is safe enough you must check some important things. If your kid is below 1 year , you will prefer to have a baby stroller. Find baby bikes here.


Make sure your kid is wearing a helmet before he starts to ride. This is the first thing you should have on your check list Find here best toddler helmets.


Secondly, help your kid to ride the bike. Help your toddler how to keep balance. But do not over teach.Let him learn by himself. This will help to develop his brain.


Always encourage your kid.If he gets little bit hurt, do not stop him.It will help your kid to grow to boost up confidence nd face any kind of fear in life with strength.


Final VerdictStrider Balance Bike


Undoubtedly, Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike for kids is one of the finest balance bikes in town. I built this content based on a real life survey and customer opinions. Surely if you bring this product at your home, you will not be disappointed.


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