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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review


Razor E300 electric scooter










Razor electric scooter is famous among best electric scooters. Razor E300 electric scooter is the latest model of Razor. It the extended version of Razor E200. Razor E300 is considered to be the fastest scooter of the world. Up to 15 miles per hour, speed is offered by the razor electric scooter which is not offered by any other similar product in the industry.


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Before jumping to the review of the product, you must have some knowledge about the brand and the company. Razor was founded in 2000, and it is a California based company. This company offers action sports products for both kids and adults along with snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, BMX. Among all the products Razor E300 electric scooter has gained trust and popularity among the customers.


Razor E300 Electric Scooter Features


Speed: Speed is an important factor for any electric scooter. We all want the best electric scooter of the market which is fast. As Razor electric scooter uses single speed chain driver motor, it offers the fastest speed possible till now. Super high torque generates 300-watt power which helps to offer customers a speed of 15 miles per hour.


Best electric scooter

Ultra-quite chain: Noise is a common problem among all electric scooters. To prevent this problem Razor, electric scooter used ultra quite a chain.


No manual kickoff: You can start your Razor E300 electric scooter while you are in a standing position.



Extra Wide Front Tire: 10-inch wide front tire makes the ride smooth.


Razor E300 electric scooter



Spacious Deck: The super-size spacious deck helps you to have the most comfortable ride.


The super-sized frame: Super-sized frame is used in Razor electric scooter so that people of all sizes can enjoy the ride with comfort.


Twist-grip acceleration control: You can control the speed based on your need.


Safety: Safety is a major concern for the best electric scooter. Specially electric scooter for adults ignores the importance of safety measures. But Razor E300 used a special kind of rear brake which is hand operated and can be used to stop the scooter instantly.


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Razor Electric scooter

Recharge Time: To get the best performance from any electric scooter, you should charge up to 12 hours. The Same rule is applicable here for Razor E300 electric scooter.


Battery: All the scooters from Razor are packed with high-quality battery. The 24-v powerful battery is used for Razor E300. This long lasting battery system consists of another two lead acid batteries which are 12-V each. This powerful battery system helps to prevent power loss and you get the experience of an environment-friendly fast electric scooter.


Weight: 40lbs- 53lbs is the weight of the entire scooter. Up to 210lbs weight is manageable by RazorE300 electric scooter.


Assembled scooter dimensions: 41”x 17”x42”


Retractable Kickstand: Razor offers retractable kickstand with all scooters.


What’s Different About Razor E300 electric scooter?


If you already read the content on Razor E100 and Razor E200, then you may have a question in your mind that what makes Razor E300 different than the others? As I said before Razor E300 is an extended version of Razor E200 and Razor E200 is an extended version of Razor E100.


For this, there are so many similarities between them. But all three scooters are different from one another and got something unique. Razor E300 offers better control, more power, and speed along with comfort ability. I am going to discuss some benefits of Razor E300. You will get them only from this electric scooter, and these benefits helped Razor E300 to establish itself as the best electric scooter.


Better Speed

A powerful high torque motor is used in E300 along with the old single chain and 24-V strong battery. These features help Razor E300 to perform better than other Razor electric scooter regarding speed. Razor E300 is offering 15 mph speed. Motor power of E300 is higher than other scooters who claim to be the best electric scooter. You can start your Razor E300 electric scooter from a standing position without kicking and run faster than any other scooters.


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Road Grip

E300 can manage its weight up to 210 lbs. At the same time, the extra wide tire is used which ensures better balance and road grip. Super size deck made all the doubt regarding comfort invisible and unquestionable.


Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons are taken from direct customer opinions. To have a clear idea we can explore what other people think of model E300 of Razor electric scooter.

Installation and Assembling


Razor electric scooters are not something complicated to assemble. It will take no more than 15 minutes to install Razor E300 electric scooter. Follow the three steps regarding installation process to do it properly-


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Inside the collar clamp, you have to place the handle bar.
Facing forward, you have to tighten the bolt with the front wheel. You should use 5mm Allen wrench.
You must charge the battery for minimum 12 hours before you take any ride.
You must check the following bullet points to keep yourself safe

On the internet, you will find how to maintain the parts and follow the points.

You will need some tools. Using those tools you can make necessary adjustments



Inflating the tiresElectric scooter for adults

Tightening the bolts and nuts

Replacing chain

Adjusting the brakes

If you need to repair your electric scooter, then you do not have to worry. You can easily replace or repair your scooter. Go to to get necessary information regarding Razor




Razor E300 scooter offers far better riding experience than most other scooters who claim themselves as the best electric scooter. . Speed, weight management, comfort and better control are offered by Razor electric scooter. On the other hand, lights and built-in locks for better security is offered by Razor E300.


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You kid will not be stop getting the ultimate riding experience provided by Razor E300 electric scooter. If you worry about its speed which can hurt your child, Razor e100 electric scooter may be a better choice.

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