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Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter












May be the headline has indicated you what you are going to read. Yes, it did, about the electric scooter. Let me tell you how I am going to explain all the research ideas I have found. At first, I will let you know how it is to ride or how your children will feel while riding on this. Will it be appropriate for them or safe enough?  Firstly, I will talk about the manufacturer information of Razor E100 glow electric scooter. It is one of the best electric scooters among Razor electric scooter. Then I will be explaining the motor and other parts. Then, safety and finally the accessories and maintenance.


After the purchase, the scooter needs to put together, and adult assembly will help the children do this. Then the vehicle requires at least 12 hours of charge, but the company recommends a 24 hours long charge. There is a red switch bellow the handlebar. After flipping up the on button, the switch will turn red. That means it starts. Then, use the kickstand to start it and fall into motion.


The scooter is width is about 35″X8.5″ X17″. The Razor E100 glow electric scooter can hold 120 lbs at max.  The throttle stays at the red-handed bar. The twist-grip throttle helps the children other bike ridings. The vehicle must be moving on at 3 miles per hour before the throttle engage motor activation. With the support of one leg, a kid can generate the 3 miles speed.


However, the scooter is no more than ten mph. At a speed of 10 mph, the electric vehicle can continuously work for 40 minutes. Depending on the riding condition and maintenance the scooter might sound like “put-put-put” which means it needs to get recharged. Moreover, each time you twist the throttle the scooter lights up a blue LED light on the surface. The powerful light attracts everyone’s sight and let them know it is a strong ride of light. It recommends that every rider needs to use the headgear while riding. The scooter is for 8+ children.


Now it’s the best time to know about the manufacturer.  The Razor Company is the producer of this electronic scooter. Most people believe it to be the top manufacturer of riders of the world. The company is in California. It has high customer reviews. The general people like the features and the quality of their products.



Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

The motor is the mother of all the parts inside the scooter. Like the other electric scooters, Razor E100 glow electric scooter is same simple designed. With a motor, battery, and a black box which is the controller, the whole vehicle is designed. The motor keeps you moving, and the battery supports the motor with adequate power. The battery is 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable. With a kick start, the motor tends to be very easy to start. Only a direct kick is enough for it. And a high-torque and chain driven motor is another feature of this product.


ThrottleRazor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


Hand flipped throttle. Once you twist the throttle, the surface begins to light up. The grips are so comfortable and made of rubber.


BrakeRazor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


It is a hand operated front brake. With a 8″ pneumatic front tire and urethane covered wheel. The brakes are so effective than the others. With the two tires, front, and the back one gives the vehicle a proper control of it. The kickstand is retractable.




The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is safe enough for a child. Firstly, it holds a very standard speed around ten mph. Then, it is built up with a steel frame which saves it from any harm. Consecutively, the two tires and the shape of the scooter confirm the comfortable and safe riding. Also, the lowest noise doesn’t bother others.


Accessories and maintenance


The charger is available, and some assembly tools are necessary for maintenance.  The scooter is very simple designed, so the maintenance is not complicated only the motors and the controller and the battery that’s it.  Sometimes only lubricating and adjusting or tuning might be necessary.



With a very secure operating the scooter is the best vehicle for the kids. Only a little training is needed for making your child a pro scooter driver. Throttles and the brakes are designed similarly to bikes. So your child will get a good idea of riding a bike in further. However, the company may change the product specification and features without notice.



Final verdict of Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


In my opinion, the Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is the best of the bests for your kid to start. With a little training, your child will quickly be controlling the scooter. Again, its blue light which becomes glowing with the flips in the throttle make

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