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kinderfeets Balance Bike

Kinderfeets Balance Bike


Kinderfeets  Balance Bike


Kinderfeets Balance Bike is one of the best wooden balance bikes in US. Amazing handmade wooden pushbike with beautiful footpegs colored in blue chalkboard finish makes the bike popular among both kids and parents. This bike not only look pretty but also feet comfortable enough to ride. Kids love to sit on Kinderfeets Balance Bike for hours.


A Duth designer who lives in California designed this bike with so much love and passion. He actually started to design for his kids who needed a safe,comfotable and colorful bike to ride. Lets see all the cool features of this wooden balance bike and what benefits you are about to get from one of the best balance bikes for toddler.


Cool Features of Kinderfeets Balance Bike


  1. Unique Design : The designer wanted to build a bike for his son which is not available in the current market. His son wanted something unique and colorful. So he designed the bike in a way that is different than any other bikes. This unique design makes kids to fall in love with it.Kinderfeets Balance Bike has unique design.


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2.Eco Friendly: Kinderfeets Balance Bike is made from wood collected from the nearest forest. The bike is painted with a chalkboard finish. There is no chance of using  toxic product in this bike. If you are a health conscious parents then you must prefer this bike. This wooden balance bike will safe your kid from harmful toxic paint and  plastic materials.


3.Easility Adjustable: Kinderfeets  Balance Bike made in a way so that you can adjust it easily. Seats are adjustable easily. You do not have to use any extra tools to adjust any part of this bike.


4.Easily Washable: Many parents claim that it is a very tough job to wash kids balance bikes. You may have concern as the bike is made of wood, it will be a tough work for you to wash this. Trust me, this balance bikes are so easy to wash.  Easily washable feature makes parents to get attracted to this toddler balance bike.


Benefits you will get using Kinderfeets Balance Bike


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 Health Benefit: This bike is made of fresh wood. You do not have to worry about your kid’s health as it is completely safe. No toxic material is used to build this bike.


Specialized Balance Bike : This is a very special bike. The designer designed this bike for his son . I do not have to explain how care someone puts into building something for his toddler. This bike is built with care,love and passion. That is why this is a specialized balance bike. The more you use it, the more you can feel the product.


Light Weight: As the bike is made of wood, it is so light. Kids face trouble moving bike  because some of them weights too much . Your kid do not have to face this kind of trouble as it is so light .



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Fun Colors: Kinderfeets  Balance Bike offers so many colours. Kids always love colorful stuffs. Nicely polished beautiful balance bikes with colors make child more happy .This bike is a fun.


Pros and Cons



  1. Unique Design.
  2. .Multiple Fun Colors.


4.Easily Adjustable.

5.Easy to wash.

6.Parts are replacable.

7.Long lasting.




  1. Seat of Kinderfeets  Balance Bike is little bit weak.

2.Over weight kids may find it truble to ride this bike.


Some Tips For You


1.Try to wash it daily. If you do that your bike will look like new all the time.

  1. It is better not to use any acidic cleaner to clean this bike. You can use clean water.

3.Stay away from any liquide. Wood may soak it and it may damage the natural color.

4.If your kid is over weight, then try to use a heavy cover on the seat.

4.If any parts get damaged, do not worry. You can replace it from your nearby shops.

5.Do not leave your kid alone with the bike before 3 weeks.


Final Verdict


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Kinderfeets  Balance Bike is a specialized bike for Kinderfeets Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is a specialized bike for toddler. Unquestionable quality with emotional touch make this bike different from all kids balance bike.This bike also took place in the heart of many parents as no toxic element is being used to build this bike. Environment friendly,healthy bike will be a right choice for your kid.









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