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Kids always love to ride a bike. Parents also want their children to ride bikes. Biking is not only for entertainment but also good for both physical and mental health. So they try to bring the best balance bike at home. KaZAM  Balance Bike is one of the best Early Rider balance bikes that helps children to learn biking at a faster pace.Find the interesting story of Kazam Balance bike.


If you dig deeper and try to find the top rated bikes. Then you will definitely find KaZAM  Balance Bike on top 5. This bike holds a strong position in the market. You may probably think what makes this bike so special. The answer is customer acceptance and credibility.


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By receiving a number of laureates and recognition awards of this specific industry, kaZAM earned the credibility and trust. Without adding value and maintaining quality, it is not possible for any company to get industry recognition awards. This bike also got loyal groups of customer.
If you look for KaZAM bikes, you will find bikes with four designs.
1.Classic Version KaZAM Bike
2.KaZAM bikes with brakes.
3.Modern frame designed KaZAM Bike.
4.Regular KaZAM bike.
Now if you ask me what will be the best for you or which one you should take home? My answer is that it totally depends on wat type of bikes you are looking for. I am going to discuss all the features in detail. The features that suit your kid the best, you will go with that bike. In general, the classic model of KaZAM is hot among all kaZAM bikes.



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I am going to discuss the KaZAM  Balance Bike. You are about to know the features and benefits of a product .You will also get to know why you should bring one of this bike at your home and why you should avoid buying it.I hope if you go through the following content, you will easily make your decision.


Hot Features of KaZAM Classic Balance Bike


.If we start with the main body, we will notice that he body of this bike made of a steel frame. That steel frame is twelve inch patented powder coated.This makes the bike strong and at the same time comfortable for your kid.


[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B00R285FAI” locale=”US” tag=”prescoforlif-20″] Another important feature is the seat. The seat is adjustable which makes it comfortable for your little champ.You can adjust the seat from 14-18 inches. There is also an adjustable handle bar attached to this bike.Youcan adjust this handle bar from 19-23 inches.
One of the main purposes of purchasing a balance bike is to teach your kid balancing without any risk.The patented footrest is attached to the steel frame that helps to learn your kid how to balance properly. Kids find it very comfortable and easy when they put their feet on the footrest.
Thirteen inches tires made of rubber guarantees a smooth ride to kids.Tires are air inflated which makes the bike more comfortable on roads.


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You will find KaZAM Classic Balance Bike with diversified colors. This gives you a choice to select whichever you want. Based on your kid’s preference, you can choose the best balance bike with favourable color.If you are planning to gift the bike to a kid, then you have a chance to impress by choosing his/her favourite color bike.
This bike can carry up to 76 pounds of weights. If you are planning to buy a balance bike for your toddler and worried of him getting older to fast, then KaZAM  Balance Bike helps you o eliminate this worry forever. It is a worry of the past.



7.This bike is also reasonable. No body has ever complained me on a severe issue of this product.


Benefits of Using KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

Kazam balance bike is different than Strider balance bike , wooden balance bike or Ybike balance bike. There are so many reasons you should choose KaZAM balance bike over some so-called best balance bike. Some of the reasons I am including here for which you must buy this bike.


[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”333″ identifier=”B00LV773RY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”prescoforlif-20″ width=”500″] 1.One of the major reasons of purchasing a balance bike is to teach children how to balance. Well engineered footrest helps children to learn to balance in a comfortable way.



2.Your children can easily gain skills of riding using this bike. This bike is safe to learn and at the same time comfortable.It helps your kid to get rid of the fear of falling and getting hurt.


[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B00R285FAI” locale=”US” tag=”prescoforlif-20″] 3.You can easily adjust the parts of this bike. No extra tools are needed to get this adjustment done.



Pros and Cons of  kaZam balance bike


Before purchasing any thing you must be aware of the pros and cons of it. You can also compare this bike with other balance bike  like Go Glider Balance Bike. For this, I always recommend you to go through this part carefully. By knowing the pros and cons of a product you can easily define if this product is right for you or not.



Kazam Balance bike

  1. You can easily assemble the parts.


  1. Kids find this bike comfortable as it is 12 inch in size.


  1. You can choose your favourite color among many.


4 .This is a learning tool for kids. Your kid does not have to give any extra effort to learn how to ride a balance bike


5.Strong frame and body structure help KaZAM balance bike to last long.


6.Kids always love the bikes that they can easily handle. kazam balance bike is light weighted, and kids can move it without any effort.


7.This bike is designed to ensure safety.




After conducting extensive research, I could not come up with any severe cons. I got some which are negligible to include. Price is a little bit higher which some parents complain.


Final Verdict


Finally, I can suggest that if your budget matches and all other criteria fulfill then, you must go with this bike. Undoubtedly this will be a winning choice for you get KaZAM balance bike for your kid as it is one of the best balance bikes in the market.




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