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I have a kid of two years old. I know how much stressful its si to teach a kid something. If teaching goes wrong, then it becomes a real mess.Teaching to ride a bike is also risky. There may be a chance of getting injured. For this reason,  one of my cousins suggested me to bring a balance bike for my kid. It worked so well for me.

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Then I started to do research what is the best balance bike, how to find an early rider balance bike.This way I  learned a lot about balance bike. I learned the industry quite well. I learned about all the companies and tier products. Among all the products I selected the best product to review so that you can choose the right one from the best of the best. Go Glider Balance Bike is one of my favorite balance bikes. This bike has also got some special features like the other products. Lets see what Go Glider balance bike offers you.

Cool features of Go Glider Balance Bike


As I discussed before,  the cyclist needs to get started and this starting period is a tough one. It is  tough and risky at the same time for a kid to start with a big boy bike. It may get him injured. To avoid this balance bike is the best option on this planet. It is a friend of a kid to learn how to ride a bike.

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1.Very the first stage of riding a bike is tough. It is tough to keep control over the bike. Go Glider Balance Bike used slow speed geometry design that helps you a kid to better control a bike. Such an amazing technology indeed.

2.Go Glider Balance Bike used steel to build it’s the main frame. It gave the bike more strength and longevity at the same time.

3.You may think that as the bike is made of steel, then it will be too heavy to carry. Your assumption is wrong. This bike is as light as a wooden balance bike.

 4.There is a solid handle bar made of steel attached to the main frame of the bike.This I an adjustable handle bar that is covered with soft rubber grip.

There is also a hand brake with the handle bar. It helps a kid to stop the bike      anytime. Undoubtedly this handbrake adds extra safety to Go glider balance bike.

 5.Seats are adjustable. You can adjust the seat up to 25 inches.Seats are undoubtedly comfortable enough for a kid.

 6.Go Glider Balance Bike used to air tires. The tires are engineered in a way so that they do no get slippery when the road is wet.


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 7.Detachable foot pegs provide extra flexibility. If the child is not comfortable with the foot pegs, then you can detach them.

Benefits you get using Go Glider Balance Bike



I think Go Glider Balance Bike is the simplest version of balance bike to learn how to bike. It is quite differnt from wooden balance bike like   skuut wooden balance bike wooden balance bike. Any child can learn two-wheeling at her own pace.

1.Go Glider balance bike helps kids to learn biking faster. It is more safe and simplified. This bike does not have any pedal. A child can balance using feet.

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2.One of the main benefits you can get from this bike is that it will save your money. Yes, balance Go Balance bike is economical. Why am I saying that? Parents can use the same bike for a kid up to ten years old. The bike is built in that way. So you do not have to purchase a balance bike in each year.

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3.Your children can learn faster how to ride a bike using Go Glider Balance Bike.  Trust me, this bike is so simple to learn. You do not even to train your kid on how to use a go Glider balance bike.


go glider balance bike

1.Though this is made of steel, it is so light.

2.Air tires last long and you do not need to pump often.

3.You can choose your favorite color.

4.No extra tools required to assemble and adjust.



 At a time, you have to pay a much, but if you consider the long term, then you are actually saving money.

Tips For You


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1.Make sure your child feels comfortable from the beginning. If your child does not feel comfortable from the beginning, it may effect long term learning.

2.By choosing gentle downhill at the beginning lessons, you can make it comfortable for your kid. Remember, making your child comfortable is really important. It will help to get rid of the fear of falling and getting hurt. The more confidence you can push into a child, the faster that child can learn.

Final Verdict


Finally, I would like to say that you will find some similarities among all the balance bikes. But you have to find out the specialties that best suit your needs and wants. This is the best suggestion I can give you.Go Glider Balance Bike can be a great choice for you if it suits your requirements. End of the day all it matters what your child will love. Make it fun for your kids to learn how to ride Go glider balance bike.

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