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Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike


Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike









You will find this bike very comfortable while you are looking for a beginner rider. Strider 12 classic no pedal balance bike is built in a way so that it can best suit the early rider.At the time of doing my research, I talked to so many customers. Many of them told me that they got attracted to that bike because of it’s outlook and design. This bike offers a unique attractiveness that offers customers to fall in love at the very first glance.



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You know it very well that how much important design is to a kid. If you got a kid at home interested in riding first bike, then this bike can be an excellent choice. Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike offers a wide range of quality features and to know about this, you must read the complete review.You  may get confused between Strider Balance Bike and Strider 12 no Pedal Balance Bike. Both came from the same company but different in features. Both are early rider balance bike.


Outstanding, extraordinary features you should know

Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike is not just good looking but also a great learning tool. This bike will help your kids to learn how to balance perfectly.Not only that, initial days of learning a bike is risky. Both parents and kids are afraid in the very first days. But Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike is built in a way so that kids can enjoy the learning and can adapt themselves with the bike.


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To many customers, this is the best balance bike. The reason is that Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike strictly maintain quality in terms safety. This bike reduces the fear of falling and getting hurt.There is a pros and cons section given below. You must read te boxes. This will help you to make the proper purchasing decision.


If you want my suggestion, I would like to say that Strider no pedal balance bike is undoubtedly a bike with quality and design. In every three house with balance bikes, you will find one of this bike. Kids love to ride, and parents feel safe. This combination makes it more credible.


You must check out these excellent features


Attractive Look: This bike looks great. It got an amazing look.The design of the customizable handle makes the bike appealing to kids. The color used in this bike makes Kids cry to buy.


User friendliness: Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike is easy to use. There are no complicated functions used in this bike. You do not have to read pages of the manual to operate this bike.Your kids will start to drive it as they got a toy.



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Easily adjustable: You do not have to face any trouble while your children is growing. There are features in this bike you can easily adjust.This easy adjustment makes this bike more user-friendly as well.


Seat: Seats of this bike is adjustable in a way that can help your growing kid. You can adjust the seat for your five years old kid without facing any trouble.Safety pad is attached to the seat. Your kid will feel smooth, and this safety pad will protect your kid from falling.


Handle Bars: Customizable handle bars are made thinking of safety issue. Customizable handlebars is one of the best options for you if you are a concern of your kid’s safety. This handle bars attached to this bike help your kid is not falling from the bike while riding.


Pros and Cons of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike



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Based on my research and personal experiences I composed a list of pros and cons of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bikeI am going to share this list with you. You will get ideas in a better way that will eventually help you to take the right decision.Going through the pros and cons list, you will also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike




Great bike for toddlers: Probably you have a toddler at home who is willing to ride a bike. But you are a concern of safety as riding bike for the first time a little bit risky. If you are thinking in that way, then you must go for one of this bike.


Pedal-free bike: Balance bike helps to learn how to ride a bike. As this balance bike doesn’t have any pedal. A kid can learn it without pedaling which make things much easier for the early rider.


Wheels: Foam made wheels are supportive to the beginner.Going flat is not an option.


Parts are replaceable: If you figure it out that one of the parts is not working, then you do not have to worry. You can easily replace with new parts.


Lightweight: Aluminium made frames are pretty light.Toodlers do not have to face any trouble to handle this light weighted bike.




Pedals: Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike do not have any pedals. If your kid already knows how to pedal, then this bike will not be that much helpful to him.


Seats: Seats are little hard for toddlers. They may find uncomfortable to sit for a long time.


Benefits explained by customers:


Parents, as well as children, get tons of benefits while using Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike. Some of the parents have already shared with me their experiences. Read below to know four core benefits-


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Even though beginners are incapable to riding a bike, balance bike gives them the opportunity to learn how to ride the bike by balancing.Kids find it more comfortable to learn using a bike without paddle like Strider 12 classic bikes Strider 12 classic bikes are affordable. If you consider all the benefits it provides, then this bike is not expensive

For whom Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is?


Many parents find it confusing while buying a balance bike for their kid. Different balance bikes are made for different kids.To solve this problem, I am clarifying you If this product is built for your kid or not.Ask this following questions to yourself. If you can give answers using “yes”, then this product is absolutely for you.


1.Do you have a kid aged 18-60 months?

Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike
2.Are you planning to buy a bike for your kid?


3.Do you want a bike that can help your kid to learn to balance?


4.Do you need a bike that can ensure safety?


Some tricks and tips:


I am going to share some tips and tricks that may come handy while using Strider 12 classic bikes


1.Give this bike to a kid who never used a balance bike before.Do not teach him first.Let him discover the bike and learn it by himself. If he finds any trouble, then help. But do not help a kid step by step. It will help him to adapt with balancing.


2.Remember, handles and seats are adjustable.As your kids grow older and taller, you change the height of the seat.


3.Use mini seat for the child of 18-36 months old and make it higher when get 36-60 months old.


Final Verdict


Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is one of the best balance bikes for kids. This is built using all updated technology to ensure the safety. You must keep one balance bike in your home as riding bikes develop creativity and physical strength among child. It helps to develop learning abilities as well >let your child learn to balance using this early rider balance bike.So what are you up to? Order this exclusive product for your toddler right now.



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