So, you are looking for one of the best scooter, right? If you are unaware of RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER, then you are in the right place. You will be provided with a lot of information about this scooter. If you are previously aware then still it would be one of the best places as different information may help you in a way. My purpose in this article is to serve an un-judgmental information to every reader about one of the best electric scooters.
Now time to get introduced to me. I love writings. Because of writing, I need to research a lot. Otherwise, it doesn’t become a quality one. Well, I am still writing in several websites and writing about 5000 above words daily. I don’t write for earning only; I find a reason always to write one.


Scooters have always been my passion. I keep always looking up in the market which product has come and the specifications. A lot of friends of mine bought scooters and asked me to suggest them. So, I have a lot of information. And I will represent them in a real format in this article. So, you can see whether they are helpful for you or not.RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is an electric scooter.


The scooter has a vintage-inspired look. That means the attractive color. The bike is unique from the others because of the color and style. The scooter’s style is perfect for adults to use. You will love it while riding in the sun. The chain-driven electric motor gives the power to move. Chain-driven motors are less noisy than the others. It is 41uR5Wqr9BLenviron-friendly and also provides you with a standard motion.


The 12-inch pneumatic tires are with the rear suspension system. Firstly, the size is perfect. If it were narrow then you would find hard to balance. The pneumatic with rear suspension system is like the other vehicles which make the product safer. The built-in battery is one of the unusual offers of this product. The battery supports up to 10 miles ride after a single charge. We don’t usually travel 10 miles in a day. So, it is enough for a person to use it comfortably in one day.






If the product would support more than 10 miles, then it would unnecessarily kill more times for charging as we don’t travel more than 10 miles in one day. And long journeys should be avoided with a scooter. RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is for the use of 13+ children until an adult age. The bike can hold up to 170 pounds which are under the average weight of human beings. The ride is enjoyable for every rider. The speed is up to 15 miles per hour.


Which is the best speed for an electric scooter? Once you ride it, you will feel the winds on your face. And you will just love it. A rider doesn’t ride only for transportation. Riding is fun, or it is like a meditation. You need to choose a comfortable one for yours. RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is one of the best one. You can give it a trial.


Now I’ll show you the differences or the uniqueness of this scooter than others. After comparing them, you will have a good idea about them. And you will be able to decide why it is best to you.


1. Super Turbo 1000watt Elite:

It has a complex, powerful motor to provide a high speed. It takes the power from a 1000 Watt 36V motor. The scooter can reach 26 miles per hour. Also, it can hold 250 lbs weight. The body is sturdy and designed.
But it does look like childish. Its shape is to attract the children. Moreover, it is tough to carry. And finally, the most important thing is it has a poor battery. However, there are several complains from the users that they are using some cheap materials. It is also a bit pricy.
In this case, RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER does look very smart, and many adults love to use it. As it is electrically charged item so, you can keep it indoor. The weight of this product is light enough because of its shape. And the battery is powerful sufficiently to support. The product charges almost half of the Turbo 1000watt.


2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

The scooter is an updated version of E200 and E100 and so on. It has a gross powerful chain-driven motor. It gives you a high speed around 15 mph. The throttle is updated. Your child will love it. Its size is bigger for two kids at the same time.


However, the scooter will serve you up to 40 minutes on a single charge. It takes 12 hours time to get recharged and ready to use. The scooter has another limitation with the battery. The owner manual says about the eight rules. Unless you follow them, you will kill the battery.


Moreover, the product is bit pricy comparing to the other scooters.RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is for the use of 12+children. It looks like a Vespa. And this is why they prefer to use it. The scooter supports 170 pounds rider. The vehicle can be applied for until ten miles after a single charge. The battery of this scooter is powerful. It helps the motor reach 15 mph.


So, you might realize now why I choose it to suggest you. I think that the RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER looks better. The other scooters are designed for the kids. But this one is for 12+ children who can control. The color and the design impress me more. As it looks like a Vespa, your kids will love it. They will feel like riding a bike.
Now time for the benefits. No one buys anything without their benefits. It takes a lot of money to purchase a scooter, but you have to look what you are getting in return.
Let’s start with the motor. You might find a lot of words which describes the quality of an engine but most of them are in technical languages. Everybody does not understand them. So, to make them understand who have not decent idea about them I will be discussing in simple language.


The motor has a very high quality. It takes a lot of energy to drive a vehicle with the weight of the rider. Also, assemblies are another important factor. If the parts are complex, then it will not be a good vehicle. So, luckily the scooter serves us with an efficient motor to drive it and last it for a long time. The assemblies are easy and very simple that a 12 or 13-year child is capable enough to manage. It might take some oiling and clean the machine, and that’s it. The chain-driven motor generates the maximum battery power.


Secondly, the product will let you ride for 10 miles after a single charge. Many other scooters can run up to 40 minutes. Well, that is not enough for adults. Yes, they are good motors but for the children. Children would take a ride in the neighborhood and that backup time is standard for them. But with the 10 miles back up you can take it to your school, workplace and somewhere else.


We don’t usually go for a long ride on a scooter. We have bikes or cars for them. RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER lets you use it as transportation, and you don’t need to wait for a bus or a taxi.


Also, it gives you a 15 mph speed. In other words, you can say that it has the speed of second gear. A precaution of any scooter is you should not take it in a high way.
The design of this bike is unique. The classic design of it lets you have an attractive look. Moreover, it is available in many colors. Women love pink so they can get one in pink. Males like dark colors black or blue. So, they can get one. The ride is not just about going one place to another; it is something else which is addictive.
Good tires help you to balance. Moreover, for a smoother ride and durability tires play a significant role. Tires have to be strong to hold the weight and avoid leakages while driving.
Under the seat, you have a compartment to store anything. Assemblies or some little products your child or you can take it along on the road.





The RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is for the person 12+. Don’t let your child under 12 use it. They might not be able enough to control it.The weight limit is up to 160 pounds. If you are under 160, then you can easily use it.

Customer Reviews

My 11-year-old daughter was begging for an electric scooter, and I was hesitating about it. And then our neighbor bought one which was so loud and on the weekends it blew out our ears. Then we went to buy our child one and then noticed the Razor pocket mod, and it was at the same price.


It was adorable, and my kid quickly got swayed. The scooter was easy putting together and changing. Tires were beautiful and fat so that it could ride in the off-roads and several rocky areas. The best thing we had noticed it was amazingly quiet. It was a blessing compared to the neighbor’s noisy one.


Apparently, you won’t hear the sound of it unless you are not standing close to RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER. The bad thing was pumping the tires because angles were necessary. It felt incredible watching her ride the scooter. The brakes and the throttles take the time to get used to. But after several day of practice, she turned into a pro. Her father rides a bike. So, he was so much conscious with the scooter. So, sometimes he checks it and ride. Though he is about 180 lbs, he can still ride on it.


Mrs. Elina bought two of the red pocket sports mods for her twin girls for Christmas this year. She says that she could not find a better one anywhere else than here. Amazon had lower prices than the stores, and they didn’t charge shipping cost. She lives in Hawaii, and it is hard for her to find that. The set up was very easy, she is a mom, and the only thing that had to be put together were the handlebars, five minutes at max.


Though the packets they were shipped in were quite a challenge to get open. The second one she opened and found that the back fender was all cracked and broken. Being gifts for under the tree the next morning, she had to put them both out, or she would never hear the end of it. The broken part had no effect on the ability of the Razor POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER to go anywhere, and when she finally got in touch with Razor (because of the holiday), they were more than happy to assist her.


They were sending a new part to change the broken one. They were excellent little scooters, they are quick, and the girls love to zoom around the neighborhood on them. They kept a good charge, and although it says they only hold a charge for 30 minutes, her girls can ride them for a good hour and a half continuously and they are still pretty good. Her girls are 11 1/2, but they look slight for their age, maybe that is why.


Anyhow she completely recommends this product to anyone who is thinking about buying. Even the kids living in her neighborhood that have electric scooters, like this one much better because they look like real little mopeds, they are fast. The family of Mrs. Elina is triumphal with their purchase.



Where will I get the replacement of batteries of this product?
Ans: We just got this around Easter for our granddaughter, and the battery is extraordinary we would attempt to buy another battery from store or EBAY or even WALMART or did you even attempt on here. We wished to get an extra one so that when this one charges she has a perfect one she adores this bike good fortunes it shouldn’t be elusive


Is RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER suitable for going one or two miles? It is a little hilly area. So is it hard to stop? Or is it easy to steal?
Ans: It is capable of up to 10 miles on a full charge. It feels well for my ten-year-old son (70 lbs). He locks it up with a bike cable lock. Because it is easy to steal otherwise.


Can it be driven on the gravel?81ibZGnqLyL._SL1500_

Ans: Yes a lot of girls are turning into the driveway, and it’s gravel.


Will a five-year-old boy who had no training or anything even did not try to drive a scooter before?

Ans: If he cannot ride a bike, I think it would be difficult for him to ride this, just due to the balancing. Once he learns how to balance it himself on a bike (without training wheels), I think he might be able to ride this. But five still becomes a bit young, because even though 12 miles don’t seem that speedy, it is when your child is on it. The first time my eight-year-old was on it, I became very nervous, b/c it seemed like he was going very fast….but after a little more while I was okay because he had good control over it.
Does the RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER fit and safe for seven years old child?


Ans: In our roads we see children from the age of five riding these bikes, all of them must wear the headgear and believe me they have a blast. The scooters are very well made you forget that they are just a toy. Your son or daughter will love it.


Do we need to buy the charger or the company provides the charger with it?


Ans: The charger comes with it. All you have to do is just charge it at first for twenty-four hours. A full charge lasts for about 12 hours sometimes it varies with the weather. I love my razor balance bike. I have only a 10-year-old cousin, and he has set rules on who can do the ride it with me or who is got to drive it. You or your child will enjoy and love it. I took some monster high stickers and tried to make it a new look a monster look.


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