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Balance Bike

Mini Glider balance bike


Mini Glider Balance Bike










If you are planning to buy a balance bike, you will find Mini Glider balance bike by your second search on search engine. Yes, it’s that famous. Among different kinds of Glider Bikes, Mini Glider balance bike is the best selling one. This bike is built to serve the kids from two-five years old.Like other balance bikes of the market, this Mini Glider Balance Bike also serves some common purposes.



Mini Glider Balance Bike teaches children how to balance while riding a bike. But this bike does it more comfortably and with increased safety. Patent of Mini Glider Balance Bike is based on slow speed geometry. This feature of automatic slower balancing speed helps the child to keep balance and prevent from falling.This is one of the most important specialities of Mini Glider Balance Bike.



Main Features of Mini Glider Balance Bike


1.Mini Glider Balance bike is made of a solid strong frame. The frame is built from aluminium. 24 x 18 x 36 inches dimension gives the frame more stability.
2.You might think that strong aluminium frame could make the bike heavier. You are thinking it wrong. This bike is as light as a wooden cricket bat. It only weights 9 pounds.
3. Wheels attached to this bike is 12 inches in size. A bike’s comfort and stability depend on a wheel . This standard size of wheels gives this bike extra straight and stability.



Mini Glider Balance Bike also gives seat adjustment facility. You can adjust the seat lower of higher according to your need. This flexible feature helps you to use the same bike for a longer period.
4.Mini glider balance bike got handles that are adjustable.You can adjust the handle bars in back, up, down and forward directions.This feature helps you to current arms allignment that provides extra comfort to the kids




5Mini Glider Balance Bike also gives seat adjustment facility. You can adjust the seat lower of higher according to your need. This flexible feature helps you to use the same bike for a longer period

Mini Glider Balance Bike


Benefits you can get from this bike


While I was doing my survey, some parents told me that Mini Glider balance bike is way too expensive for a kid. Another group of parents told me that the benefits this early rider balance bike provides are worth it. Lets talk about the benefits so that it gets easier for you to take the decision whether you should buy it or not.
1.You need a balance bike for your kids so they can learn biking. Teaching a new skill is a tough job specially when you do it for a kid.This bike is designed in a way to attract the kids automatically to discover it. It helps them to acquire new skill all by themselves.





2. Mini Glider Balance Bike is treated as the best balance bike for kids by many parents. The reason is that this bike is way too attractive. Kids love to discover it, and this bike ensures safety. By teaching how to keep balance by yourself, mini glider always encourages kids to come out of fear of biking. Kids get confidence and feel safe using this bike.



3.Your kids are offered a new form of exercise through riding this bike. It gives them joy. Research shows that kids who are used to bike regularly become physically and mentally healthier than the kids who don’t. Mini Glider Balance Bike ensures safety by slower speed geometry that keeps parents out of worry to get their kids on the road.




1.Premium quality aluminium gives Mini Glider balance bike extra strength.
2.The frame is weather resistant. All the materials used to build this bike is non-toxic and environment-friendly.
3.Easy assembling feature is attractive.

Mini Glider Balance Bike
4. You can adjust seat and handlebar without using any extra tool.
5.Wide foot peg helps your kid to learn foot paddling in a better and comfortable way.
6.To ensure extra safety, mini glider bikes provide padded handle bars. This is an extra safety precaution to prevent injury.




1.Wheels are rear. You will not find them in the shops beside your home.
2. The brake used in Mini Glider balance bike is limited.
3. Price is high.






Final Verdict


If you are the prioritizing comfort, safety and quality above price, then you must bring one of this mini Glider balance bike at your home.Unquestionable quality gives you satisfaction and feel of safety.


I can guarantee you that Mini Glider balance bike is one of the best balance bikes I reviewed. Findings of my research also tell the same story. Without being confused and overconsume information, I would suggest you bring one Mini Glider balance bike for your lovely kid.



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