Balance Bike Reviews

Balance Bike Reviews

Strider  12 No-Pedal Balance Bike


This is a very interesting bike which is invented by Ryan McFarland, and it’s birthplace is U.S Smallest of the toddlers can even ride this bike. The attractive metallic body of this bike can be ridden from an 18 months old toddler to 5 years old babies.


As you know balance bike has no pedals.  Without any training wheels, this bike helps kid to practice balancing. The company used all the latest technology to make it comfortable to ride for the kids. Strider, One of the best balance bike companies, has been so successful to reach the quality and comfortable bikes for the babies.



Strider company has it’s own well-customized website. You may get confused as there are so many balance bikes on a website. You better buy the recommended one from reviews.


Three types of Strider 12 bike have been famous among parents and loved by kids. Price varies from $80.00 to $170.00. I would say they got quality to offer that price.



Strider balance bike has so many strength in it’s business. It doesn’t matter you buy a low priced bike or a high priced one; you do not have to worry about it’s quality. It is built maintain all the safety measures.


One of the most interesting fact of Strider balance bike is that it got the variety of attractive colors which attracts the babies most. When a baby looks at Strider bikes sitting on the lap of it’s parents, these colors make parents press the buy button. You can choose your favorite one from at least seven colors.


You should always consider a light bike for your child. You may think as Strider is made of metal it will be so heavy. But it’s not true. It is so light as 2.4 kg. You can even change the seat height.  You can change the seat height from 28-41cm.  Strider suggest maximum 27 kg of weight to put on it, but it can be the little bit higher.


A Strider balance bike is different from a first  bike .  You will be amazed to know that this early rider balance bike does not have any brakes.  Though it can be a little bit uncomfortable for some people but I would suggest not  to worry.   The technology and the frameworks   Strider uses  help to get you best balance bikes.



From my point of view, I find Strider balance bikes quite perfect. If I consider the drawbacks, It actually varies . Some parents find wooden balance bike more safe than strider balance bike.  If you go through the other reviews of best balance bike, it will be easier for you to make decision. Comfort ability of your kid is what it matters.


YBIKE Best Balance Bike



If you are looking for a plastic made balance bike, then you can go for YBIKE. The main difference with other bikes  is that YBIKE is completely made of plastic. Full plastic body with attractive colors seem attractive to many parents. Kids also find them comfortable.


At the very first look at the price tag, parents find YBIKE quite fascinating . As these balance bikes are made of plastic instead of metal or wood, you will find them at a cheap rate. These bikes are built targeting the people for whom it is tough to spend enough on balancing bike.


As you know every cheap products got some sort of disadvantages. In my research, I came up with two major problems of plastic made toddler balance bike.


1.As I said before YBIKE is completely made of plastic. Even the wheels it got are also made of hard plastic. It is absolutely fine to ride this early rider bike on a smooth dry place. When situation demands to ride it on a muddy or rainy place, it makes difficulties for a kid.  Sometimes YBIKE becomes slippery which can be risky.


Though YBIKE is made of plastic, it got different colors which make them desirable.  But plastic can not replace metal or wood. YBIKE lacks that luxurious look.



Many companies are competing to come up with best balance bikes. One of the main key points is to make it more and more comfortable. As an early rider balance bike, child must find it comfortable. If they do not find it comfortable, then what   is the purpose of bringing a toddler balance bike at your home. An uncomfortable toddler bike will remain unused and end up being a trash in your store room.


One of the main key points is to make it more and more comfortable. As an early rider balance bike, child must find it comfortable. If they do not find it comfortable, then what   is the purpose of bringing a toddler balance bike at your home. An uncomfortable toddler bike will remain unused and end up being a trash in your store room.


Plastic made YBIKE can be uncomfortable for a kid. YBIKE could not provide the best balance bike regarding comfort ability. The seats are not that much comfortable to stay for a long period of time. It can be a reason for back pain as well.


The seats of  YBIKE is uncomfortable as it can not be customized. Most of the quality balancing bike offered by companies   provide customized seat . Parents find it harder when they  can  not customize the seats as a reason of fixed plastic body.



YBIKE offers four colors. You can choose any one of them. YBIKE targets kids from 2-4 years old. As I said before, YBIKE  is cheaper than most other toddler balance bike out there in the market .You will find a balance bike in between $55-$60.


If you want my advice, then I will suggest you to avoid purchasing this balance bike. You can get more comfortable, well customized bikes for your kid just adding an extra $30. Undoubtedly YBIKE is the cheapest toddler bike you can probably get. But safety  and comfort ability of your kid is far more important than saving  30$  or 40$


Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike


As the demand of early rider balance bike is increasing day by day, companies are coming up with more and more innovative products. It is getting tougher for the companies to survive without being innovative. Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is a result of this innovation.



Best Balance Bike




Kinderfeets Wooden Bike is considered as one of the most innovative and best balance bike on this planet.Companies put too much innovation into this toddler balance bike. There are so many reasons to buy this early rider balance bike.


I have discussed two types of bikes above. One is made of metal and other one is made of plastic. But now I am going to review one of my favorite balancing bike which is made of wood.



One of the interesting  facts of this bike  is that they are so light. Metal bikes are more heavier than wooden bikes. Wood  makes them look good too. Being light and good looking , Kinderfeets green chalkboard bikes are considered to be the best balance bike to a large group of parents.


Another benefit  I must mention is the environment factor. Plastic is not environment-friendly and at the same time turns out to be unhealthy to children. But this wooden balance bike I just mentioned above is 100% environment-friendly. I can also assure you that this wooden bike will help you to keep your child healthy.


As you know, every good thing has something in negative. But trust me, I didn’t find a single one to mention any negative criteria of this bike regarding user friendliness and comfort.  It seems like perfect! What do you say?


This wooden balance bike also targets mostly children of age between 2-4 years old. You may raise a question that how comfortable a wooden bike can be. I have bought this wooden balance bike for my nephew last year. Trust  me, the way they built this product considering comfort ability of the children is simply amazing. It is sometimes tough to get my nephew out from that toddler balance bike.



A very slight problem you may face is what I am going to discuss. Wood is sensitive to water. At rainy days or snow, outdoor use may harm, and it may reduce the long-term usability.


Price  of  Kinderfeets  Wooden Balance Bike  is more than $100. If you consider the stylish wooden frame body structure, user-friendliness, comfort,  and  safety, that price seems legitimate. I will not mind paying an extra  $100 if I can get best balance bike for my kid and it makes her smile. What you think?


Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike



If you got the youngest toddler at your home,  and planning to buy the best toddler bike, then you better think about  Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike.Bunzi is the company which targets the market of the youngest rider.


When I was doing my research to come up with an informative, helpful review, I found it fascinating that Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike is only targeting the child who ages from 1-2 years.


Now I should know you some of  the benefits that this bike has.You can convert this bike into 2 or 3 wheeler. How  you can do that? By using these training wheels.But the case is not like that .you can simply do that by taking the seat off. There are two separate frames attached to the seat. You can simply separate it by 180 degrees.



The moment you do that, you can convert it t a two wheeler bike. The seat of this specialized balance bike can be customized.You can  configure the seat height according to your need. You can increase or decrease the seat height  to make it more comfortable for your kids.


Now I am going to share an interesting fact about the bike. You will get an 8.6 inches bike of seat height when you want the bike as a three wheeled bike. But when you covert the bike into a two wheel one, seat height will increase, and it will be 9.8 inches. That means when your toddler turns into a baby; he can also use the bike. This is amazing, right? Indeed. This feature makes this bike one of the best balance bikes.


One thing you must consider before purchasing kids balance bike is that many companies come up with many offer. Some  offers you a bike with a cheaper price but the price of the accessories are higher. You are bound to buy the accessories from te same companies to  exact match. If you are going to buy this bike I will suggest you to spend at least $120 so that it last long and you do not have to worry much about the accessories ,their availabilities and price.




If you ask me to share my personal opinion, I will suggest that you can think about this bike undoublty as it is one of the best blance bike. But  remeber the above mentioned metrics to buy. It is safe to bring this bike at home. If you want your bike to last at least two years or more without changing any parts of distructions then you should spend more than $100 . If you want it for 6 months with a gurantee then you can go with the $50 dollar one.


Go Glider Kids Balance Bike


Go Glider is one of the  most popular  balance bikes  among kids.It is famous for it’s great features,longivity  and attractive designs. Go Glider targets the market from 18months to 4 years old kids.Specialized features based on age make Go Gilder one of the best balane bikes in the market.



The brake is a very fascinating feature of this bike. Many  companies out there in the markets offering specilized balance bike which do not have any brakes. Many of the companies think that there is no need of brakes in a balnce bike.But doing m,y research I found that kids love a bike with brake. They just love brakes for no reasons. Yes, for no reason that what a child does. And  their parents love brakes for safety issues .Kidscan use brake when it is needed.



The brakes which are used in Go Glinder balance bikes are special. Theycombined updated technology  with lucrative design.Brakes used in Go Glinder are so soft and  a kid’s palms can grip in with comfort.


Another special feature of Go Glider balance bike is it’s tire. Go Glider used air tire instead of foam or plastic one. Air tire is one of the core features of the best balance bike.Air tires are comfortable and at the same time it ensures safety. But sometimes it depends on kids which tire they prefer. Some kids mentioned that they are more comfortable using tires made of foam. If  you want air pressuirized  tire, Go Glider gives you  the option of exchanging your previous foam tires with air pressurized tires adding extra 30 bucks.


Go Glider Kids balance bike offers kickstand. Yes, they have a kickstand which is common in balance bikes.Another interesting thing for toddlers that the seat can be customized. You can low the seat height, and you can low the height as low as 11 inches which are good right?


Lets talk more about the seats. You can do whatever you can do with the seats . You can adjust the seat without even using any kind of tools.Go Glider calls  it ”quick release seat clamp” which helps you to adjust the seats of your balancing bike.


Now talk about the negative sides of Go Glider. It is made of metal and when it comes close to water, it’s body is suspectible to rust. Design is a very important factor in a kids balance bike . Go Gilder balance bikes look good  but  that classy part is missing. It could have done better. If you compare it to the other balance bikes , you will get to know what exactly I am saying.


In my opinion ,Go Glider is a top class kids balance bike. I like the price part of this bike most.It is affordable with so many quality features. It also ensures safety. If you want your kids to have the feeling of gliding in the air, then I will recommend you to buy this one. Trust me, It is absolutely amazing.


Diggin Active Skort Balance Bike


If you are looking for an environment friendly balance bike then this is the right one for you. Yes, This Diggin Active Stunt bike is designed in  a way that is completely environment friendly.You should have heard of birch wood. The bike I am reviewing now is made of 100% birch wood. Not only that it has smooth finishing using lacquer veneer.



Metal and plastic contains many chemical. While painting, whole lot of toxic painting materials are used . But this wooden balance bike completely toxic free as it doesn.t need any hard painting. For this environment friendly non toxic technology of this bike, many parents consider it as the best balance bike.


Though environment frienliness and nonroxic behavior of this bike is the main attraction of this bike, it has other features which you may find interesting.This bike got the adjustable seat,  and the range is between 13-17 inches. This bike can  bear upto 72 pounds. Diggin Active Skuut is made for the child  from 2-5 years old.



One thing I must mention that Diggin Active Skuut is an award winning bike of United States  which makes it more special.Environmentally conscious parents always look for this bike . Though you may find a Skuut at a price below $80, I will recommend you to spend at least  $100.


This bike got some drawbacks too. Though this bike is built with all the environment-friendly raw materials,  this bike is no special compared to the other products in the market. You will find almost same features as the others got. As the bike is made of birch wood, it is not marine grade ( is vulnerable to weather or water). Wood can be damaged by snow or rain. Washing it is also sensitive.


I think I made you worried saying too much drawbacks of award winning best balance bike. You can buy it without any fear. The problems I mentioned which may occur in the long run. You can use it comfortably for at least 18 months. This wooden balance bike  will give your kid a great experience .


Early Rider Lite Balance Bike


If you are looking for a wooden balance bike with quality and longevity   then brace youself cause I am going to review the  best balance bike made of wood.  In my review list.Price range of early rider lite varies from $145-$160.  A  little bit expensive  right? I will explain you why.



The bike has carrying capacity of 125 pounds. But the bike itself weights only 7  pounds. This is something interesting about this balancing bike. Early Rider Lite is suitable for 20 months old child to 5 years old kid.


This is a wooden balance bike we are talking. But one thing makes it different from the other wooden balance bikes. The wood is used to build  this bike is FSC certified . FSC stands for  “Forest Stewardship Council” .  FSC  certified birch wood makes it more credible to buy an environment friendly quality early rider bike. You might not think twice about the price before purchasig the bike if you have adequate budget. Harmless product which brings smile on your kid’s face is what matters most.


You might think that you  want to buy the best balance bike for your kid but wooden balance bike does not long last. One thing I must mention that Early Rider Lite is weather and water proof . The wood used in this bike is processed in an environment friendly way using latest technology that won’t let weather/water destroy your kid’s favourite balancing bike.



Among some other features , the seat, is adjustable and flexible. Seat height ranging 11.6-15 inches.  There is a handlebar which is also adjustable. This handlebar has a laminate riser of 2 inches.You can removes the steering limiter anytime if you want. Tires are made of nontoxic rubber.


If I consider the drawbacks of this bike, then I must mention that price is little high compared to the other bikes. The absence of break can make your kid a little bit uncomfortable.


If you are prepared with the adequate budget, I will recommend you not to think twice and waste time reading other reviews. This product is almost perfect I would say.


Strider ST4 Best Balance Bike


Strider has been a famous and credible name in the industry of best balance bike. It recently introduces  ST4 model which succeeds ST3 model of this bike.This bike targets kids from 1 -5 years.  Strider ST4 bike is a bike with quality.



Welded steel frame  is one of the main features on this bike. Overall weight of this bike is 6 pounds. Quality tires give the bike more strength. Tires are 12 inch on inflatable and puncture free gives come up with random use guarantee. Bearing of a bike plays an important role in bike. Strider ST4 got cartridge bearings which are sealed.  The bearings of ST4 is an upgraded version of ST3. The company did noticeable improvement in bearings.


Seat plays a very vital part in balance bikes. No matter how improved features a bike offers, if the seat is not comfortable , then you must avoid this kind of early rider bike Strider ST4 offers very adjustable seat with a minimum heights of 11 inch which is pretty cool and comfortable.You can adjust the seat as high as 16 inches. So you do not have to worry if your toddler turns into a boy .


A new improved pattern of tread makes the best balance bike more lucrative. You will find so many add-on accessories or this bike. Extendible seat post, wider saddles, attached ski, footrest brakes, etc. are add-on accessories. But you will get more.



Every bike got some scale-down features, and Strider ST4 is not an exception. The bike offers a wide range of accessories. Though many people find it fascinating but at the same time, they find this bike is just not the best option as kids balance bike. This wide range of versatile accessories makes things expensive as best balance bike.


The design of Strider ST4 is versatle which makes it more attactive to the toodlers and parents. You can choose your one from many colors.This bike is one of the best balance bikes as it offers a great experience to the kids regarding  diversified features.


First Bike Balance Bike


First bike is another popular best  balance bike among kids. There are five models available in the market. These five models offer riders options to match their needs and wants. Attractive designs made this bike different from others. High-quality materials are used to build this pretty balance bike.To many, Firstbike is the best balance bike in the market.



The frame used on this bike is very flexible and light(8.4 pounds) . Safety brake is attached to the bike which make parents feel safe who do not want to buy a balancebike without a brake.The power of the brake is adjustable. Bsed on your kid’s age and behavior you can easily manage to adjust brake’s power which will enhance safety. tThis is an exceptional feauture comes with Firstbike.


A common problem parents face after purchasing some balance bike is that if someting goes wrong with the tres, the bike is dead. The bikes they purchased do not havr any options of replacing tires. But just becasue your tires are dead, that doesn.T mean that you have to throw your kids favorite balance bike into thrash. You can easily replace it by replacable quality tires which first bike offers.



The first bike gives you the warranty on specific parts of the bike. You will get five years of warranty on a replaceable tire of your early rider bike.



Though the price is the little bit high, firstbike ensures quality. You do not have to think twice of quality.It is build in a way that ensures all the safety an give s your kid all the fun.


Kazam   Balance Bike


Best balance bike


Kazam is undoubtedly a popular one. F the few believe you have watched at least a single show of Shark Tank.  The Kazam Balance Bike first appeared on Shark Tank. This bike was funded by sharks.



Kazam weights 11.2 pounds.Kazam is a heavy bike and havier than most of it’s competitiors.As this balance bike targets 3-6 years old group of the child, then being heavy is not a problem.


Kazam got rubber tires.Tires got smooth tread pattern to make the ride smooth and comfortable. This bike is weather proof, and it got metal spoke wheels.


Seat height is adjustable.It got adjustable height between 14-17 inches. Maximum weight capacity of Kazam balance bike is 75 pounds which are pretty good.


The main highlight of Kazam Balance Bike is the footrest. You can purchase with it or without it, either way, you were comfortable. The bike comes with without a brake, but you can get it with brakes.


Kazam is the best balance bike my nephew thinks. He just loves to play with it. Takes it out every single morning. He finds it comfortable, safe and interesting to ride.


The Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels


You probably heard of BMX freestyle bikes. Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels is a renowned brand which was the first company who introduced us with BMX freestyle bikes.This bike targets the children group aged between 22 months to 5 years.


If you are thinking of purchasing an early rider balance bike for indoor or inhouse use, hen Haro Z-10 PreWheelz balance bike will be the best choice. The bike is s specialized balance bike which is made for the children who loves to play inside a home. This balance bike best suits n smooth paved surface.


Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels is an a very light bike with a crankles frame.Foam tires make it more comfortable to use in the smooth surface like the floor.The seat is adjustable.A great feature of this bike is that it got instructor handle. Parents can easily use this handle to help their baby child to learn how to balance as a beginner. That’s what balance bike is all about right?


As a branded & best balance bike, it is a little bit expensive to a bike. One problem with this bike is that tires arefixed and nonreplaceable. There is another version for advanced kid of this brand. Inconvnience nonreplacable wheels tell you to upgrade to that version of this balance bike.


I have tried to come up with the best balance bikes with the necessary information to you. This information will help you to narrow down your choice from a scattered market. I  discussed  important features and benefits of top 11 balance bike in the market available. At the same time I focused on the things which you should consider before purchasing your one.


There are so many best balance bike out there. Hope my informative discussion will help you to make the right decision. I wrote about the features and benefits in the paragraph. If you simply skim it, you will find that you started to consider many things that you have never prioritized before.  Best of lck with your purchase. Hope you get the best balance bike you wanted.

Balance Bike Reviews

Kinderfeets Balance Bike


Kinderfeets  Balance Bike


Kinderfeets Balance Bike is one of the best wooden balance bikes in US. Amazing handmade wooden pushbike with beautiful footpegs colored in blue chalkboard finish makes the bike popular among both kids and parents. This bike not only look pretty but also feet comfortable enough to ride. Kids love to sit on Kinderfeets Balance Bike for hours.


A Duth designer who lives in California designed this bike with so much love and passion. He actually started to design for his kids who needed a safe,comfotable and colorful bike to ride. Lets see all the cool features of this wooden balance bike and what benefits you are about to get from one of the best balance bikes for toddler.


Cool Features of Kinderfeets Balance Bike


  1. Unique Design : The designer wanted to build a bike for his son which is not available in the current market. His son wanted something unique and colorful. So he designed the bike in a way that is different than any other bikes. This unique design makes kids to fall in love with it.Kinderfeets Balance Bike has unique design.



2.Eco Friendly: Kinderfeets Balance Bike is made from wood collected from the nearest forest. The bike is painted with a chalkboard finish. There is no chance of using  toxic product in this bike. If you are a health conscious parents then you must prefer this bike. This wooden balance bike will safe your kid from harmful toxic paint and  plastic materials.


3.Easility Adjustable: Kinderfeets  Balance Bike made in a way so that you can adjust it easily. Seats are adjustable easily. You do not have to use any extra tools to adjust any part of this bike.


4.Easily Washable: Many parents claim that it is a very tough job to wash kids balance bikes. You may have concern as the bike is made of wood, it will be a tough work for you to wash this. Trust me, this balance bikes are so easy to wash.  Easily washable feature makes parents to get attracted to this toddler balance bike.


Benefits you will get using Kinderfeets Balance Bike




 Health Benefit: This bike is made of fresh wood. You do not have to worry about your kid’s health as it is completely safe. No toxic material is used to build this bike.


Specialized Balance Bike : This is a very special bike. The designer designed this bike for his son . I do not have to explain how care someone puts into building something for his toddler. This bike is built with care,love and passion. That is why this is a specialized balance bike. The more you use it, the more you can feel the product.


Light Weight: As the bike is made of wood, it is so light. Kids face trouble moving bike  because some of them weights too much . Your kid do not have to face this kind of trouble as it is so light .




Fun Colors: Kinderfeets  Balance Bike offers so many colours. Kids always love colorful stuffs. Nicely polished beautiful balance bikes with colors make child more happy .This bike is a fun.


Pros and Cons



  1. Unique Design.
  2. .Multiple Fun Colors.


4.Easily Adjustable.

5.Easy to wash.

6.Parts are replacable.

7.Long lasting.




  1. Seat of Kinderfeets  Balance Bike is little bit weak.

2.Over weight kids may find it truble to ride this bike.


Some Tips For You


1.Try to wash it daily. If you do that your bike will look like new all the time.

  1. It is better not to use any acidic cleaner to clean this bike. You can use clean water.

3.Stay away from any liquide. Wood may soak it and it may damage the natural color.

4.If your kid is over weight, then try to use a heavy cover on the seat.

4.If any parts get damaged, do not worry. You can replace it from your nearby shops.

5.Do not leave your kid alone with the bike before 3 weeks.


Final Verdict



Kinderfeets  Balance Bike is a specialized bike for Kinderfeets Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is a specialized bike for toddler. Unquestionable quality with emotional touch make this bike different from all kids balance bike.This bike also took place in the heart of many parents as no toxic element is being used to build this bike. Environment friendly,healthy bike will be a right choice for your kid.









Balance Bike Reviews

Strider Balance Bike










As balance bike is getting popular among kids, parents are continuously looking for the best balance bikes in the market. Strider Balance Bike is that kind of balance bike that parents find almost perfect. If you just read the customer reviews discussed below you will get to know why this bike is so great. This bike will not only help your kids to learn how to balance or ride a bike but will help to boost up confidence level. Your kid will come out of fear and will ride in the light.


Ryan Mc Farland is the founder of Strider balance bike. He believes that Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance Bike has got everything that parents want in a kid’s bikeAt the same tie the lucrative design and use of colors will make your kids happy more than you imagined.


There are three types of Strider bikes in the market. Though there are many similarities among them but you will find noticeable differences if you dig deeper. In all of those three types of bike, there is no question of safety and quality is highly maintained. But it is you who have to make a choice to purchase the one that best suits you.


For your convenience, I am going to discuss about every single detail including pros and cons and customer reviews to help you to make a proper decision.









Exclusive Features of  Strider Balance Bike




12.7mm steel handlebar is one of the important features of this balance bike. Your kids can have a better control using this handlebar. Small sized grips attached to this handlebars will keep your kid’s hand safe.




Have you heard about EVA polymer tires? These tires are so light, and you do not have to worry about it’s maintenance.




Wheels of Great Features of Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance Bike is so light. These light weighted wheels help your kids to feel more comfortable. Quality engineered bearing are used in this bike.




What does you want most in a balance bike? It’s comfortable. Durable materials are used in to build this bike and this material is positioned in a way to maximize the comforts of your kid. If you are worried of your grown up kid above 3/4 years old. Trust me, you do not have to worry. Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike gives you an extra long seat and a padded seat.


Brake mounts:


Brake mounts are important in balance bike.Strider balance bike offers you a unique and high-quality brake mounts. Brake mounts depend on the age of the child. It will vary from 18 months to over three years old child.You may think what will be the use of brake mounts? Let me explain. Whenever your baby will try to stop the bike, he will b able to stop it then and there without any hesitation simply using feet.




Footrest is attached to a balance bike that is installed within a frame. Kids are helped to maintain their balance using the footrest.


Benefits customer gets from this product


Thre are many benefits of riding a balance bike.Some offers are provided by Strider balance bike. From my own research on customer reviews and opinions on different social media, I came up with the following benefits-


One of the most important benefits Strider 12 no pedal balance bike provides is that parents do not have to worry about safety. This bike is the pioneer of providing safety in biking. Babies can take their bikes outside and ride them in the baby way.
2.The bike is built for the kids aged from 18 months to 5 years. Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike is strong and weather proof. For these reasons, It is always a good investment on this balance bike for a long period.


You can choose one for your kid from a variety of colors. The design is also elegant.
If you are thinking how a kid can learn to balance using Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike. Watch this video –


Pros and Cons of Strider balance bike


1.This bike is recommended by most conscious parents.

2.Convenient size makes the bike suitable for kids.

3.Unlike other famous balance bikes, Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance

Bike is so light and kids find it easy to move.

4.The frame used in this bike is strong enough.

5.This balance bike will last long undoubtedly.




1.This bike does not have any major negative side to highlight.Many customers told me that the price of this balance bike was a little bit high.


For whom Strider Balance bike is


Every parent can buy Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike if they are planning to buy the best balance bike or their kids. Kids aged from 18 months to 5 years will find this bike amazing to ride.


Parents who are planning to train their kids on how to ride a bike should start with this balance bike.Kids will learn to balance while playing with this bike.


Tips on using this bike


Though this bike is safe enough you must check some important things. If your kid is below 1 year , you will prefer to have a baby stroller. Find baby bikes here.


Make sure your kid is wearing a helmet before he starts to ride. This is the first thing you should have on your check list Find here best toddler helmets.


Secondly, help your kid to ride the bike. Help your toddler how to keep balance. But do not over teach.Let him learn by himself. This will help to develop his brain.


Always encourage your kid.If he gets little bit hurt, do not stop him.It will help your kid to grow to boost up confidence nd face any kind of fear in life with strength.


Final VerdictStrider Balance Bike


Undoubtedly, Strider 12 sport no pedal balance bike for kids is one of the finest balance bikes in town. I built this content based on a real life survey and customer opinions. Surely if you bring this product at your home, you will not be disappointed.


Balance Bike Reviews

Kazam balance bike










Kids always love to ride a bike. Parents also want their children to ride bikes. Biking is not only for entertainment but also good for both physical and mental health. So they try to bring the best balance bike at home. KaZAM  Balance Bike is one of the best Early Rider balance bikes that helps children to learn biking at a faster pace.Find the interesting story of Kazam Balance bike.


If you dig deeper and try to find the top rated bikes. Then you will definitely find KaZAM  Balance Bike on top 5. This bike holds a strong position in the market. You may probably think what makes this bike so special. The answer is customer acceptance and credibility.




By receiving a number of laureates and recognition awards of this specific industry, kaZAM earned the credibility and trust. Without adding value and maintaining quality, it is not possible for any company to get industry recognition awards. This bike also got loyal groups of customer.
If you look for KaZAM bikes, you will find bikes with four designs.
1.Classic Version KaZAM Bike
2.KaZAM bikes with brakes.
3.Modern frame designed KaZAM Bike.
4.Regular KaZAM bike.
Now if you ask me what will be the best for you or which one you should take home? My answer is that it totally depends on wat type of bikes you are looking for. I am going to discuss all the features in detail. The features that suit your kid the best, you will go with that bike. In general, the classic model of KaZAM is hot among all kaZAM bikes.





I am going to discuss the KaZAM  Balance Bike. You are about to know the features and benefits of a product .You will also get to know why you should bring one of this bike at your home and why you should avoid buying it.I hope if you go through the following content, you will easily make your decision.


Hot Features of KaZAM Classic Balance Bike


.If we start with the main body, we will notice that he body of this bike made of a steel frame. That steel frame is twelve inch patented powder coated.This makes the bike strong and at the same time comfortable for your kid.


Another important feature is the seat. The seat is adjustable which makes it comfortable for your little champ.You can adjust the seat from 14-18 inches. There is also an adjustable handle bar attached to this bike.Youcan adjust this handle bar from 19-23 inches.
One of the main purposes of purchasing a balance bike is to teach your kid balancing without any risk.The patented footrest is attached to the steel frame that helps to learn your kid how to balance properly. Kids find it very comfortable and easy when they put their feet on the footrest.
Thirteen inches tires made of rubber guarantees a smooth ride to kids.Tires are air inflated which makes the bike more comfortable on roads.



You will find KaZAM Classic Balance Bike with diversified colors. This gives you a choice to select whichever you want. Based on your kid’s preference, you can choose the best balance bike with favourable color.If you are planning to gift the bike to a kid, then you have a chance to impress by choosing his/her favourite color bike.
This bike can carry up to 76 pounds of weights. If you are planning to buy a balance bike for your toddler and worried of him getting older to fast, then KaZAM  Balance Bike helps you o eliminate this worry forever. It is a worry of the past.



7.This bike is also reasonable. No body has ever complained me on a severe issue of this product.


Benefits of Using KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

Kazam balance bike is different than Strider balance bike , wooden balance bike or Ybike balance bike. There are so many reasons you should choose KaZAM balance bike over some so-called best balance bike. Some of the reasons I am including here for which you must buy this bike.


1.One of the major reasons of purchasing a balance bike is to teach children how to balance. Well engineered footrest helps children to learn to balance in a comfortable way.



2.Your children can easily gain skills of riding using this bike. This bike is safe to learn and at the same time comfortable.It helps your kid to get rid of the fear of falling and getting hurt.


3.You can easily adjust the parts of this bike. No extra tools are needed to get this adjustment done.



Pros and Cons of  kaZam balance bike


Before purchasing any thing you must be aware of the pros and cons of it. You can also compare this bike with other balance bike  like Go Glider Balance Bike. For this, I always recommend you to go through this part carefully. By knowing the pros and cons of a product you can easily define if this product is right for you or not.



Kazam Balance bike

  1. You can easily assemble the parts.


  1. Kids find this bike comfortable as it is 12 inch in size.


  1. You can choose your favourite color among many.


4 .This is a learning tool for kids. Your kid does not have to give any extra effort to learn how to ride a balance bike


5.Strong frame and body structure help KaZAM balance bike to last long.


6.Kids always love the bikes that they can easily handle. kazam balance bike is light weighted, and kids can move it without any effort.


7.This bike is designed to ensure safety.




After conducting extensive research, I could not come up with any severe cons. I got some which are negligible to include. Price is a little bit higher which some parents complain.


Final Verdict


Finally, I can suggest that if your budget matches and all other criteria fulfill then, you must go with this bike. Undoubtedly this will be a winning choice for you get KaZAM balance bike for your kid as it is one of the best balance bikes in the market.




Balance Bike Reviews

Schwinn balance bike












Kids love balance bike. At the beginning time of starting to ride a bike, kids have some fear. This fear is about falling and getting hurts. Balance bikes help children to get rid of such kind of fear. Attractive look, design, and comfort help kids to learn biking all by themselves. Balance bikes also help kids to learn how to discover things. Kids can learn new things without being hurt. That is great, right?  Now  I am going to review another bike that is one of the best balance bikes in the industry.



Go through my well researched review based on customer and market research. You will get ideas in detail. Schwinn balance bike is undoubtedly a classy bike for kids.



Cool Features Of  Schwinn balance bike



Kids who got no experience in riding a bike find it tough to be familiar with a new one. Schwinn balance bike is designed in a way that kids can get rid of any kind of fear. The colors and design used in this bike ar were so attractive to drive a kid into biking. The main objective of this bike is to make kids comfortable. This balance bike also enhances confidence among kids.



  1. Schwinn balance bike is mostly famous among kid for it’s unique design and beautiful colors. This bike offers different colors. So that you can choose the one your kids love. Another technology is used in this bike is called foot to frame design technology.Kids at the point of the beginning find this very effective and comfortable.



2.This early rider balance bike also offers adjustable seats. It also comes up with adjustable handlebar.  Kids grow too fast. As a parent, I know It very well how fast I have to change new utecils for kids. Schwinn balance bike offers adjustable seats along with handlebars so that you do not have to worry about changing it every year. You can adjust them without using any tool according to your kid’s height.  This feature of modification helps makes this bike more comfortable than the fixed ones.



3.This balance bike for toddlers used air tubes and tires which helps kids to ride all day long with comfort.



Benefits  You will get using Schwinn balance bike



Before purchasing any product, it is important to know why you are purchasing it. What benefits you will get and how a product is going to add value in your life. Lets see some benefits of Schwinn balance bike



1.Light weighted children often get trouble riding a bike. Schwinn balance bike is a compact bike that suits kids very well. Light kids feel so comfortable with this early rider balance bike.



2.Adjustable handles and seats make this bike one of the best balance bike for the toddler.



  1. Price is often an issue while purchasing a balance bike. Schwinn balance bike is an affordable bike that comes with quality.



4.Foot to floor design technology makes this bike more interesting and comfortable for the kids.



Pros of Schwinn balance bike



  1. This bike is one of the most affordable bikes I reviewed so far. Unquestionable quality with an affordable price makes this bike so popular among kids and parents.





2.Many parents fid it difficult to assemble a toddler balance bike. But this bike is so easy to assemble. Step by step instructions is provided with the bike user guide. You do not need help from any outsider to assemble it. Most of the parts are replaceable. In the long run, if you have to replace any part of this bike you can do it by yourself.



  1. Schwinn balance bike is way too attractive. The colors and design it offers are actually catchy. Probably this is the only balance bike for a toddler that looks like an adult bike. This bike looks so strong and omfortable at the same time.



  1. Growing kids can easily adapt with this early rider balance bike as the seats and handles are adjustable. You can adjust them according to your need.



Cons of Schwinn balance bike



There are not enough cons to include. Some parents claimed that this balance bike is a little bit heavier than they expected.



For whom this bike


Schwinn balance bike is made to serve the kids who are going to begin their journey with a bike.It is differnet from Mini Glider balance bike or  Go Glider Balance Bike. But this bike is also  for the kids aged up to 6 years. This can be used a learning tool.  Parents who do not want their kids bike as it may not be safe. Schwinn balance bike helps to prevent this type of fear.




Parents have some questions in their mind like  should we bring a bike at home?  Will it be safe? At the same time, they want their kid to learn how to bike. These parents must buy the best balance bikes for the toddler.   Schwinn balance bike is one of the most specialized balance bike designed for your toddler to ride safely.


Schwinn balance bike

Final Verdict

To boost the confidence of your kid, there is no alternative to letting them try new things. Riding a bike is one of them.Best early rider balance bike can be one of them which can help to get them fearless.










Balance Bike Reviews


Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike









You will find this bike very comfortable while you are looking for a beginner rider. Strider 12 classic no pedal balance bike is built in a way so that it can best suit the early rider.At the time of doing my research, I talked to so many customers. Many of them told me that they got attracted to that bike because of it’s outlook and design. This bike offers a unique attractiveness that offers customers to fall in love at the very first glance.





You know it very well that how much important design is to a kid. If you got a kid at home interested in riding first bike, then this bike can be an excellent choice. Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike offers a wide range of quality features and to know about this, you must read the complete review.You  may get confused between Strider Balance Bike and Strider 12 no Pedal Balance Bike. Both came from the same company but different in features. Both are early rider balance bike.


Outstanding, extraordinary features you should know

Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike is not just good looking but also a great learning tool. This bike will help your kids to learn how to balance perfectly.Not only that, initial days of learning a bike is risky. Both parents and kids are afraid in the very first days. But Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike is built in a way so that kids can enjoy the learning and can adapt themselves with the bike.




To many customers, this is the best balance bike. The reason is that Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike strictly maintain quality in terms safety. This bike reduces the fear of falling and getting hurt.There is a pros and cons section given below. You must read te boxes. This will help you to make the proper purchasing decision.


If you want my suggestion, I would like to say that Strider no pedal balance bike is undoubtedly a bike with quality and design. In every three house with balance bikes, you will find one of this bike. Kids love to ride, and parents feel safe. This combination makes it more credible.


You must check out these excellent features


Attractive Look: This bike looks great. It got an amazing look.The design of the customizable handle makes the bike appealing to kids. The color used in this bike makes Kids cry to buy.


User friendliness: Strider 12 Classic no-pedal balance bike is easy to use. There are no complicated functions used in this bike. You do not have to read pages of the manual to operate this bike.Your kids will start to drive it as they got a toy.





Easily adjustable: You do not have to face any trouble while your children is growing. There are features in this bike you can easily adjust.This easy adjustment makes this bike more user-friendly as well.


Seat: Seats of this bike is adjustable in a way that can help your growing kid. You can adjust the seat for your five years old kid without facing any trouble.Safety pad is attached to the seat. Your kid will feel smooth, and this safety pad will protect your kid from falling.


Handle Bars: Customizable handle bars are made thinking of safety issue. Customizable handlebars is one of the best options for you if you are a concern of your kid’s safety. This handle bars attached to this bike help your kid is not falling from the bike while riding.


Pros and Cons of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike




Based on my research and personal experiences I composed a list of pros and cons of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bikeI am going to share this list with you. You will get ideas in a better way that will eventually help you to take the right decision.Going through the pros and cons list, you will also be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike




Great bike for toddlers: Probably you have a toddler at home who is willing to ride a bike. But you are a concern of safety as riding bike for the first time a little bit risky. If you are thinking in that way, then you must go for one of this bike.


Pedal-free bike: Balance bike helps to learn how to ride a bike. As this balance bike doesn’t have any pedal. A kid can learn it without pedaling which make things much easier for the early rider.


Wheels: Foam made wheels are supportive to the beginner.Going flat is not an option.


Parts are replaceable: If you figure it out that one of the parts is not working, then you do not have to worry. You can easily replace with new parts.


Lightweight: Aluminium made frames are pretty light.Toodlers do not have to face any trouble to handle this light weighted bike.




Pedals: Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike do not have any pedals. If your kid already knows how to pedal, then this bike will not be that much helpful to him.


Seats: Seats are little hard for toddlers. They may find uncomfortable to sit for a long time.


Benefits explained by customers:


Parents, as well as children, get tons of benefits while using Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike. Some of the parents have already shared with me their experiences. Read below to know four core benefits-



Even though beginners are incapable to riding a bike, balance bike gives them the opportunity to learn how to ride the bike by balancing.Kids find it more comfortable to learn using a bike without paddle like Strider 12 classic bikes Strider 12 classic bikes are affordable. If you consider all the benefits it provides, then this bike is not expensive

For whom Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is?


Many parents find it confusing while buying a balance bike for their kid. Different balance bikes are made for different kids.To solve this problem, I am clarifying you If this product is built for your kid or not.Ask this following questions to yourself. If you can give answers using “yes”, then this product is absolutely for you.


1.Do you have a kid aged 18-60 months?

Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike
2.Are you planning to buy a bike for your kid?


3.Do you want a bike that can help your kid to learn to balance?


4.Do you need a bike that can ensure safety?


Some tricks and tips:


I am going to share some tips and tricks that may come handy while using Strider 12 classic bikes


1.Give this bike to a kid who never used a balance bike before.Do not teach him first.Let him discover the bike and learn it by himself. If he finds any trouble, then help. But do not help a kid step by step. It will help him to adapt with balancing.


2.Remember, handles and seats are adjustable.As your kids grow older and taller, you change the height of the seat.


3.Use mini seat for the child of 18-36 months old and make it higher when get 36-60 months old.


Final Verdict


Strider 12 classic no-pedal balance bike is one of the best balance bikes for kids. This is built using all updated technology to ensure the safety. You must keep one balance bike in your home as riding bikes develop creativity and physical strength among child. It helps to develop learning abilities as well >let your child learn to balance using this early rider balance bike.So what are you up to? Order this exclusive product for your toddler right now.



Balance Bike Reviews

Skuut Wooden Balance Bike











You can buy a balance bike for your kids, or you can gift to other. When I conducted my research, many parents showed panic if the bike contains any harmful materials or not. It is actually a major concern among caring parents. Many materials are used to build a bike. Skuut Wooden Balance Bike is one of my favourite balance bikes.





In poor quality cheap bikes, they may use toxic materials to build the product neglecting health issue. For this reasons companies like Skuut has come up with a balance bike that is made of wood. Yes, you read it right. Skuut is one of the best wooden balance bikes producer. I am going to share my research on Skuut Wooden Balance Bike experience with you .



Features of  Skuut Wooden Balance Bike you will love



Probably you are thinking how a wooden balance bike is different from the other balance bikes in the market?You may also doubt how long this wooden bike will last and blah blaa.I will answer all your questions and clear the cloud.Frist let me inform you the cool features of the Skuut Wooden Balance Bike





1.This Skuut wooden balance bike can be assembled very easiliy.You may have the concern that assebly can be a complicated issue. But trust me it is very simple.


2.The wooden frame is nicely polished. It is smooth like feather. There will be no chance that your kid will get hurt. It is completely safe.


3.Skuut wooden balance bike is one of the best balance bikes which weights to light. Your kid can move it smoothly.



How you will be benefited from Skuut Wooden Balance Bike



You may buy a bike for your kid or to gift someone. If you are a parent like me, then you will understand it better than anyone that safety and comfort come first. We always parent try to bring the product for our kid which ensures safety and comfort. The output we desire is the smile on little faces.We never compromise with the quality. For this reason, all the bikes I reviewed in this bike with quality. Lets talk about the benefits of Skuut wooden balance bike.



1.Children will ride bigger bikes someday. To do this, they have to be trained. If a kid starts with a real bike, there will be greater risk to have multiple minor or major accidents. It is a must to ensure the safety of kids. But we can not let them sit in the room. If they do not try how they will learn and explore things. SKU wooden balance bike is here to solve this problem. It will ensure the safety and kids will ride it with joy. Parents do no have to worry, and it is really simple to ride.  Kids can discover it by themselves once they got the best balance bike.



2.This Skuut Wooden Balance Bike can take weights up to seventy-five lbs. You do not have to worry about the bike’s  carrying power. If your child is up to five years old, then you this bike is for him/her.



3.This is a one of the best wooden balance bikes. It is completely made of wood. You may have concern that materials used to build a balance bike may contain toxic. You kids can be harmed by this toxic materials. As this bike is made of pure wood, it is completely eco-friendly. You can bring it at your home without having any doubt. Your kids will be safe.

             Skuut Wooden Balance Bike


  1. Now I am going to explain a reason for which you can treat this bike as the best balance bike. You can buy this without having any single doubt. This Skuut Wooden Balance bike has won many awards including two precious awards. One is Creative top toy of the year and another one is Oppenheim Gold Seal Award. Now you can get this wooden balance bike for your kid with peace.



5.You can find all the accessories available including tubes and tires. Anytime you can replace them fro your nearby shops.






1.Skuut wooden balance bike is made of wood. This is a speciality that makes it unique.


  1. This bike is different in design. Attractive design and outlook make this bike more famous.Skuut Wooden Balance Bike


3.This is an award winning bike that makes this bike more credible to buy.


4.Most of the accessories are available and replaceable.


  1. As the bike is made of high-quality wood, this last for long.





In my research, I did not find any major cons to include. But as the bike is made of wood, excessive use in snow and weather  make the mainframe dull.



Some important tips


  1. Try to cover the bike when it is not being used. Never leave this bike out in snow or weather.


  1. Do not keep it under direct sunlight for too long. It may decay the polish of the bike.


3.If you can avoid using the bike on the gravel made road, It will be  wise.



Final Verdict



The Skuut wooden balance bike is an award winning bike. Getting numerous award is not that easy for an industry like kids bike.  While doing my research, many parents talked about the satisfaction of having this bike. Environment conscious parents can not think of any alternative of this bike. Undoubtly this is a great wooden balance bike which can bring smile on your kid’s face.


Balance Bike Reviews


Ybike balance bike








If you are finding for a balance bike for a novice rider,  then this bike can be an excellent choice for you. If your kid ages between 2-6 years old then Ybike balance bike   got  the unique design that makes it different from ost of the bikes. Kids love this bike mostly for it’s color and design.The technology used in this bike is also a little bit different from the other bikes I reviewed.



Probably your kid wants a bike which looks like a motor cycle or electric scooter. Then I will suggest you to buy this one .I am going to discuss Ybike balance bike in detail. You will know all the features of the bike . I will also inform you what customers feel about this balance bike.



Cool features of  Ybike Balance Bike



Ybike Balance Bike is suitable for the kids who never experienced biking. Parents want to ensure safety of their kids first.Ybike Balance Bike is targets those market segment where safety and comfortability are the prior concerns.I am going to discuss all the features. If you simply go through the article, You will know an all the pros and cons  of this bike.



The different and lucrative design is the primary reason kids love this bike. This bike comes with two wheels. Ybike balance bike is designed in a way so that it looks similar to a motor cycle. Kids simply love motor cycle. Attractive baby motorcycle with different lucrative colors make this early rider balance bike famous to all the toddlers.



Durability is another main reason parents love to buy. This bike can support enough weight . It is not vulnerable and made for regular use. The bike is weather proof. You don not have to worry about rain or snow. Ybike used two rear wheels which make this bike more stable.




For any balance bike ground, clearnace is an important things. A bike’s quality depends largely on ground clearance. If it is not balanced in a bike, a bike can never be safe to ride. Ybike Balance Bike ensures that ground clearance is properly balanced. So you do not have to worry about the safety issue.



Benefits you will get from  Ybike Balance Bike



Before purchasing any product you must know what are the benefits you are going to get. It is different from wooden balance bike or Go glider balance bike or Mini Glider balance bike.By comparing the benefits of different products, you can come to a decision whether you should purchase a product or not.You are just about know the benefits of Ybike Balance Bike.



1.Ybike balance bike is ade of plastic. You may think that  a bike made of plastic can contain toxic.At the same time it can be vulnerable. Not only you I also used to think in that way. But it is a wrong mindset we possess. Plastic used to make this bike is high quality plastic. Non-toxic and highly durable plastic made Ybike a great bike.



2.Comfortable seat makes kids to ride all day long.



3.Ybike balance bike is highly affortable. Because of this affortable price , Ybike is treated as the best balance bike to many parents.



4.Beautiful desing with attractive color makes the bike more desirable to the kids.



5.To enhance stability, Ybike used rear wheels.



Pros and cons of  Ybike Balance Bike



1.If you want your child to train how to ride a bike, then there is no better lternative of a balance bike.It will help your kid to learn balancing and other aspects of biking. Ybike Balance Bike also assures safety as this bike is used as a learning tool.



2.I have reviewed so many bikes. If you have read other contents, you got an idea of toddler bike industry. Many parents find specialized balance bike expensive for a kid. But Ybike is one of the most affortable bike I reviewed. But this bike did not compromised quality for a cheaper price.



3.Many parents find it tough to assemble a bike .Almost no assembly required in Ybike. This bike relieves you from any kind of complications. Kids also love this simplified version of balance bike.The little adjustment you have to do will learn by going through the guided book provided with the toddler bike.



4.Kids love this toddler balance bike for a different reason.  Ybike Balance Bike just looked like a smaller version of the motorcycle.




1.Some parents prefer to adjust ll the parts according to their kid’s comfortability. They do not like a over simplified nonadjustable early rider bike.



2.Though Ybike Balance Bike used high quality plastic , many parents just don’t ok with plastic. They prefer steel or wooden balance bike instead of a plastic made bike.



Some tips for you


1.Do not leave your kids alone with the bike in thefirst two weeks.


2.Keep the bike regularly.


3.Try to avoid feeding your kids while they are sitting on a bike.


4.Keep it out of direct sun light. It may fade the color of the bike.



Final Verdict


Kids love bike which looks like motorcycle.Simply ignore the thing that Ybike Balance Bike is made of plastic. This plastic is not like the cheap toxic plastic. Ybike guarantees that the plastic they used  is healthy for your kid.You are not getting a balance bike with that much quality at an affordable price like this. If you do not have a high budget to purchase an wooden balance bike or Strider balance bike for kids, then this can be a very good alternative for you.


Do not worry of planning which one you should buy. Your kids are  growing and within a very short time they will be grown up. So let them enjoy their childhood within your limitations. Their time is precious. Make them smile and build a childhood to remember.









Balance Bike Reviews

Go glider balance bike











I have a kid of two years old. I know how much stressful its si to teach a kid something. If teaching goes wrong, then it becomes a real mess.Teaching to ride a bike is also risky. There may be a chance of getting injured. For this reason,  one of my cousins suggested me to bring a balance bike for my kid. It worked so well for me.

Then I started to do research what is the best balance bike, how to find an early rider balance bike.This way I  learned a lot about balance bike. I learned the industry quite well. I learned about all the companies and tier products. Among all the products I selected the best product to review so that you can choose the right one from the best of the best. Go Glider Balance Bike is one of my favorite balance bikes. This bike has also got some special features like the other products. Lets see what Go Glider balance bike offers you.

Cool features of Go Glider Balance Bike


As I discussed before,  the cyclist needs to get started and this starting period is a tough one. It is  tough and risky at the same time for a kid to start with a big boy bike. It may get him injured. To avoid this balance bike is the best option on this planet. It is a friend of a kid to learn how to ride a bike.

1.Very the first stage of riding a bike is tough. It is tough to keep control over the bike. Go Glider Balance Bike used slow speed geometry design that helps you a kid to better control a bike. Such an amazing technology indeed.

2.Go Glider Balance Bike used steel to build it’s the main frame. It gave the bike more strength and longevity at the same time.

3.You may think that as the bike is made of steel, then it will be too heavy to carry. Your assumption is wrong. This bike is as light as a wooden balance bike.

 4.There is a solid handle bar made of steel attached to the main frame of the bike.This I an adjustable handle bar that is covered with soft rubber grip.

There is also a hand brake with the handle bar. It helps a kid to stop the bike      anytime. Undoubtedly this handbrake adds extra safety to Go glider balance bike.

 5.Seats are adjustable. You can adjust the seat up to 25 inches.Seats are undoubtedly comfortable enough for a kid.

 6.Go Glider Balance Bike used to air tires. The tires are engineered in a way so that they do no get slippery when the road is wet.



 7.Detachable foot pegs provide extra flexibility. If the child is not comfortable with the foot pegs, then you can detach them.

Benefits you get using Go Glider Balance Bike



I think Go Glider Balance Bike is the simplest version of balance bike to learn how to bike. It is quite differnt from wooden balance bike like   skuut wooden balance bike wooden balance bike. Any child can learn two-wheeling at her own pace.

1.Go Glider balance bike helps kids to learn biking faster. It is more safe and simplified. This bike does not have any pedal. A child can balance using feet.

2.One of the main benefits you can get from this bike is that it will save your money. Yes, balance Go Balance bike is economical. Why am I saying that? Parents can use the same bike for a kid up to ten years old. The bike is built in that way. So you do not have to purchase a balance bike in each year.

3.Your children can learn faster how to ride a bike using Go Glider Balance Bike.  Trust me, this bike is so simple to learn. You do not even to train your kid on how to use a go Glider balance bike.


go glider balance bike

1.Though this is made of steel, it is so light.

2.Air tires last long and you do not need to pump often.

3.You can choose your favorite color.

4.No extra tools required to assemble and adjust.



 At a time, you have to pay a much, but if you consider the long term, then you are actually saving money.

Tips For You




1.Make sure your child feels comfortable from the beginning. If your child does not feel comfortable from the beginning, it may effect long term learning.

2.By choosing gentle downhill at the beginning lessons, you can make it comfortable for your kid. Remember, making your child comfortable is really important. It will help to get rid of the fear of falling and getting hurt. The more confidence you can push into a child, the faster that child can learn.

Final Verdict


Finally, I would like to say that you will find some similarities among all the balance bikes. But you have to find out the specialties that best suit your needs and wants. This is the best suggestion I can give you.Go Glider Balance Bike can be a great choice for you if it suits your requirements. End of the day all it matters what your child will love. Make it fun for your kids to learn how to ride Go glider balance bike.

Balance Bike Reviews


Mini Glider Balance Bike










If you are planning to buy a balance bike, you will find Mini Glider balance bike by your second search on search engine. Yes, it’s that famous. Among different kinds of Glider Bikes, Mini Glider balance bike is the best selling one. This bike is built to serve the kids from two-five years old.Like other balance bikes of the market, this Mini Glider Balance Bike also serves some common purposes.



Mini Glider Balance Bike teaches children how to balance while riding a bike. But this bike does it more comfortably and with increased safety. Patent of Mini Glider Balance Bike is based on slow speed geometry. This feature of automatic slower balancing speed helps the child to keep balance and prevent from falling.This is one of the most important specialities of Mini Glider Balance Bike.



Main Features of Mini Glider Balance Bike


1.Mini Glider Balance bike is made of a solid strong frame. The frame is built from aluminium. 24 x 18 x 36 inches dimension gives the frame more stability.
2.You might think that strong aluminium frame could make the bike heavier. You are thinking it wrong. This bike is as light as a wooden cricket bat. It only weights 9 pounds.
3. Wheels attached to this bike is 12 inches in size. A bike’s comfort and stability depend on a wheel . This standard size of wheels gives this bike extra straight and stability.



Mini Glider Balance Bike also gives seat adjustment facility. You can adjust the seat lower of higher according to your need. This flexible feature helps you to use the same bike for a longer period.
4.Mini glider balance bike got handles that are adjustable.You can adjust the handle bars in back, up, down and forward directions.This feature helps you to current arms allignment that provides extra comfort to the kids




5Mini Glider Balance Bike also gives seat adjustment facility. You can adjust the seat lower of higher according to your need. This flexible feature helps you to use the same bike for a longer period

Mini Glider Balance Bike


Benefits you can get from this bike


While I was doing my survey, some parents told me that Mini Glider balance bike is way too expensive for a kid. Another group of parents told me that the benefits this early rider balance bike provides are worth it. Lets talk about the benefits so that it gets easier for you to take the decision whether you should buy it or not.
1.You need a balance bike for your kids so they can learn biking. Teaching a new skill is a tough job specially when you do it for a kid.This bike is designed in a way to attract the kids automatically to discover it. It helps them to acquire new skill all by themselves.





2. Mini Glider Balance Bike is treated as the best balance bike for kids by many parents. The reason is that this bike is way too attractive. Kids love to discover it, and this bike ensures safety. By teaching how to keep balance by yourself, mini glider always encourages kids to come out of fear of biking. Kids get confidence and feel safe using this bike.



3.Your kids are offered a new form of exercise through riding this bike. It gives them joy. Research shows that kids who are used to bike regularly become physically and mentally healthier than the kids who don’t. Mini Glider Balance Bike ensures safety by slower speed geometry that keeps parents out of worry to get their kids on the road.




1.Premium quality aluminium gives Mini Glider balance bike extra strength.
2.The frame is weather resistant. All the materials used to build this bike is non-toxic and environment-friendly.
3.Easy assembling feature is attractive.

Mini Glider Balance Bike
4. You can adjust seat and handlebar without using any extra tool.
5.Wide foot peg helps your kid to learn foot paddling in a better and comfortable way.
6.To ensure extra safety, mini glider bikes provide padded handle bars. This is an extra safety precaution to prevent injury.




1.Wheels are rear. You will not find them in the shops beside your home.
2. The brake used in Mini Glider balance bike is limited.
3. Price is high.






Final Verdict


If you are the prioritizing comfort, safety and quality above price, then you must bring one of this mini Glider balance bike at your home.Unquestionable quality gives you satisfaction and feel of safety.


I can guarantee you that Mini Glider balance bike is one of the best balance bikes I reviewed. Findings of my research also tell the same story. Without being confused and overconsume information, I would suggest you bring one Mini Glider balance bike for your lovely kid.



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