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Do you know that maximum parents are worried about their children while riding a bike? Well, this is very usual to be. So, you are not alone. Even I was also going through this phase when my child was young. Before buying best toddler helmet let’s do some research? What  you say?


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There is plenty of bikes helmets out there however the inquiry is how certainly? It is exceptionally regular to get mistook for a considerable measure of decisions. Every item has some advantage and some restriction also. On the off chance that the item benefits meet your necessities, then it is called to be the best item for you.


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Likely distinctive bike head protectors have several details. The general nature of a head bike shield required estimate and worn actually. If the cap fits in riders head splendidly then it can counteract verging on each head wounds coming about because of crash.


Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet


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Razor V17 is a multi-spot helmet to make the riders head cool. There are 17 vents to make the child’s head cool even though wearing for a long time. Moreover, to make it secure and best fit for the head it has some extra pads. Side release buckles to make the best kid scooter helmet for adjusting in their head. It is made following CPSC standards. CPSC stands Consumer Product Safety Commission. Around 8 to 14 years old kids use it. Their head’s reasonable size is 22 to 23.5 inch. This helmet is made of the probable size. Best toddler helmet must need these qualities.

Pros and cons


The weight of this helmet is 1.1 pounds. It will feel very little or next to zero. Very light weight does not mean that it is weak to protect the rider. It can endure a high number of pressures. It is also used for other purposes not only as scooter helmet. While bicycling and skateboarding it can be utilized. Its color is satin pink. Which is perfect for girl and kids.


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A color is an important aspect for children. Different color means a different thing. Pink always describes affection, innocence, healthy, pleasure, content, romantic, beauty, playfulness, etc. subconsciously color contributes a lot to people’s perception. It is why the choosing color is necessary. Pink helmets are the best helmets for the kids. The different colors are available.


It is not available in many different sizes. Only the 22 to 23.5 inches range is available. If any 13-year-old girl buys this, then she cannot use it for a long time of course. Moreover, it is only made for scooter riding, bicycling and skateboarding. Except them using it for horse riding will not be an appropriate decision.


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In my opinion, depending on the lightness and the ability to protect the rider it is a good choice to order one. With 4.5 reviews the product is satisfying the customer needs very efficiently. If the features did not impress you yet then wait, before buying scroll down and check out the other toddler best helmets.


FAQ about best toddler helmet


Does the helmet support snowboarding?

-Yes, it does.

Are the decals come already on the helmet?

-Yes, the decals will be there already.


Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner


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Have you ever heard or noticed from your child sweating while riding? If no then one of the best toddler helmet Triple 8 Brainsaver did. Sweating not only makes your kid’s helmet stink but also creates eye blurring while riding and because of it accidents may occur.


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The liner has moisture-wicking layers limit sweat drippage an antibacterial treatment which makes stinking proof. It offers an adjustable strap which is necessary for getting a perfect fit in head. Luckily your child can customize the Triple 8 logo rivets. A classic stake makes the side design. Multi-impact designs are also available.

Pros and Cons


The helmet can be used for scooters, skateboarding, in-line skating. The techies collected information from the top riders. After listening, they came to a conclusion that sweating disturbed the riders a lot and made the sweat saver helmet. The Sweatsaver liner is a standard in all rubberized and pro helmets.


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The helmet is not for bicycles.


To sum up, the Sweatsaver liner is a very effective one. Because of sweating up, many children can be a victim to allergies. This helmet can also be nominated for the best toddler helmet or the best bike helmet. Besides the sweat saver, multi-use of this helmet impresses the riders. With a big review approx 4.5, the product remains at the top of many riders list.




Is the liner washable?

-Yes, it is washable and try handwash.

I am a 16-year-old girl, but I am not sure about my head size

-at first, you need to measure your head unless I cannot suggest you anything. After measuring let me know and then I can tell you. Besides, you can see the size chart above.

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Bell Minnie Mouse Toddler Helmet

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This helmet is for the size between 48 to 52 cm. A child with this head size can find it as the best toddler helmet or the best bike helmet. The helmet has high-impact reflectors. Which means it will be attractive. Kids like reflecting objects. So the company wants to fulfill their needs. By all means, safety comes first.


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The back part of the helmet got extended to assure the extra security. And it covers the neck also. Besides, making air circulation constant on the head the helmet is provided with eight vents.

Pros and cons


The appearance of the headgear makes it attractive, and the high-impact reflector impresses kids. Color and the design is one of the most favorite of little girls. The extra security confirms the parents trust. Also, the vents of Best toddler hHelmet keep their head cool and make the ride a long one.


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The helmet is only for kids around 48 to 52 cm head size. So children cannot use it for a long time as they will constantly be  growing up. The design and color discourage a lot of boys to use it.


In fact, the female riders call it as the best bike helmet. The reason is the look of it and the design as well. It owns a high 4.4 review. If you are a girl and looking for a safe and stylish helmet, then you may try it.




Does this own the CPSC label?

-Yes, it does.

Does this helmet support the size more than 52?



Raskullz Dinosaur Helmet


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Watching the helmet the first thing in your mind might come, Oh, My God what is this. For your child, it might be the best toddler helmet. Of course its 3d molded design impresses your child heart the most. It owns aerodynamic cooling vents for the freshness. Besides it has shock absorbing EPS inner shell for protecting your child. Moreover, the nylon straps adjust with the head so comfortably and avoid risk. The helmet has passed CPSC and ASTM safety.


Pros and cons


The helmet saves your child from many different aspects. It has shock absorbing EPS inner shell to protect from any crash and electric shocks. Raskullz adopts the latest in helmets safety technology with toy-inspired characters. Moreover, the aerodynamic vents keep the air circulation best. In the airplanes, this system is getting to follow for flying correctly. Finally, the design is mostly preferred. High customer reviews also prove that. The company invested in the 3d technology to catch the child’s eye. The helmet is at the forefront of all helmet safety technology.


The design itself is a con. Many parents don’t like their child to wear helmets conceived in this way.


In a word, the helmet might be one of the fanciest helmets to your child. With the highest and 100% review, the product is now about to rule on others. The latest safety technology keeps you less worried and gains full trust on it. It is designed for many cartoon characters so that children can love it as like the toys. To ride a balance bike safely, read the article here.




Which size is it for?

-It fits very well to my friends 8-year-old son.

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet

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The helmet has all-around protection for every sports need. The best toddler helmet has two layers inside for protection. Of the two reinforced layers, the first or the cap is made of ABS material. The EPS outer shell covers the cap for dual protection. So the helmet has ABS and EPS construction. Moreover, inside the internal fabric lining and ear padding consists of hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment.


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That means sweating while riding will not cause bad odors. Also the helmet has a google loop. A padded chin strap helps the rider to fit in. By the way, there are four sizes to choose from and each size has a micro strap to give the best fitting.The headgear is vented and hypoallergenic, so it is much safer. The comfort touched its limit because of the straps and micro straps. The ear padding and goggle loop are much comfortable for best toddler helmet.


Pros and cons


The design of the helmet is absolutely like a sporting one. The company made the features providing all the sporting needs. For skateboarding this helmet is a perfect match. However, for bikes and scooters, kids are using this headgear as well. The company is so much confident about their quality that they have given a lifetime warranty to each of the helmets.


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The mask is made for skateboarding. But still using this for bikes and scooters has no harm.


With the four review, best toddler helmet is also doing well. For snowboarding the helmet gives maximum security. Either way being an expert in the winters and fighting against the snow the head protector is good. The warranty assures you of the quality.




Does it have a rachet on the back of the head protector to fix it on my skull, so it doesn’t move?

-Yes, it does. There are a few points of confinement. That is the reason you need to get the right size.

are the helmets for children or grown-ups?

-I trust they are adult measured. However, I purchased the little for my 4 and 6-year-old, and they fit well. Somewhat huge for the 4-year-old, yet she is developing into it.


All things considered, it is you to choose the Best toddler helmet for you or your child who loves to ride balance bike.What I did is picked up the mostly buying and the top rated review helmets and presented them in front of you in this article. Of course, I am sure about the safety of these products. It is recommended for you to check out as well and then go for a decision. Best of luck! You will get the best toddler helmet or the best scooter  helmet.


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