Balance Bike Reviews

Strider  12 No-Pedal Balance Bike


This is a very interesting bike which is invented by Ryan McFarland, and it’s birthplace is U.S Smallest of the toddlers can even ride this bike. The attractive metallic body of this bike can be ridden from an 18 months old toddler to 5 years old babies.


As you know balance bike has no pedals.  Without any training wheels, this bike helps kid to practice balancing. The company used all the latest technology to make it comfortable to ride for the kids. Strider, One of the best balance bike companies, has been so successful to reach the quality and comfortable bikes for the babies.



Strider company has it’s own well-customized website. You may get confused as there are so many balance bikes on a website. You better buy the recommended one from reviews.


Three types of Strider 12 bike have been famous among parents and loved by kids. Price varies from $80.00 to $170.00. I would say they got quality to offer that price.



Strider balance bike has so many strength in it’s business. It doesn’t matter you buy a low priced bike or a high priced one; you do not have to worry about it’s quality. It is built maintain all the safety measures.


One of the most interesting fact of Strider balance bike is that it got the variety of attractive colors which attracts the babies most. When a baby looks at Strider bikes sitting on the lap of it’s parents, these colors make parents press the buy button. You can choose your favorite one from at least seven colors.


You should always consider a light bike for your child. You may think as Strider is made of metal it will be so heavy. But it’s not true. It is so light as 2.4 kg. You can even change the seat height.  You can change the seat height from 28-41cm.  Strider suggest maximum 27 kg of weight to put on it, but it can be the little bit higher.


A Strider balance bike is different from a first  bike .  You will be amazed to know that this early rider balance bike does not have any brakes.  Though it can be a little bit uncomfortable for some people but I would suggest not  to worry.   The technology and the frameworks   Strider uses  help to get you best balance bikes.



From my point of view, I find Strider balance bikes quite perfect. If I consider the drawbacks, It actually varies . Some parents find wooden balance bike more safe than strider balance bike.  If you go through the other reviews of best balance bike, it will be easier for you to make decision. Comfort ability of your kid is what it matters.


YBIKE Best Balance Bike



If you are looking for a plastic made balance bike, then you can go for YBIKE. The main difference with other bikes  is that YBIKE is completely made of plastic. Full plastic body with attractive colors seem attractive to many parents. Kids also find them comfortable.


At the very first look at the price tag, parents find YBIKE quite fascinating . As these balance bikes are made of plastic instead of metal or wood, you will find them at a cheap rate. These bikes are built targeting the people for whom it is tough to spend enough on balancing bike.


As you know every cheap products got some sort of disadvantages. In my research, I came up with two major problems of plastic made toddler balance bike.


1.As I said before YBIKE is completely made of plastic. Even the wheels it got are also made of hard plastic. It is absolutely fine to ride this early rider bike on a smooth dry place. When situation demands to ride it on a muddy or rainy place, it makes difficulties for a kid.  Sometimes YBIKE becomes slippery which can be risky.


Though YBIKE is made of plastic, it got different colors which make them desirable.  But plastic can not replace metal or wood. YBIKE lacks that luxurious look.



Many companies are competing to come up with best balance bikes. One of the main key points is to make it more and more comfortable. As an early rider balance bike, child must find it comfortable. If they do not find it comfortable, then what   is the purpose of bringing a toddler balance bike at your home. An uncomfortable toddler bike will remain unused and end up being a trash in your store room.


One of the main key points is to make it more and more comfortable. As an early rider balance bike, child must find it comfortable. If they do not find it comfortable, then what   is the purpose of bringing a toddler balance bike at your home. An uncomfortable toddler bike will remain unused and end up being a trash in your store room.


Plastic made YBIKE can be uncomfortable for a kid. YBIKE could not provide the best balance bike regarding comfort ability. The seats are not that much comfortable to stay for a long period of time. It can be a reason for back pain as well.


The seats of  YBIKE is uncomfortable as it can not be customized. Most of the quality balancing bike offered by companies   provide customized seat . Parents find it harder when they  can  not customize the seats as a reason of fixed plastic body.



YBIKE offers four colors. You can choose any one of them. YBIKE targets kids from 2-4 years old. As I said before, YBIKE  is cheaper than most other toddler balance bike out there in the market .You will find a balance bike in between $55-$60.


If you want my advice, then I will suggest you to avoid purchasing this balance bike. You can get more comfortable, well customized bikes for your kid just adding an extra $30. Undoubtedly YBIKE is the cheapest toddler bike you can probably get. But safety  and comfort ability of your kid is far more important than saving  30$  or 40$


Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike


As the demand of early rider balance bike is increasing day by day, companies are coming up with more and more innovative products. It is getting tougher for the companies to survive without being innovative. Kinderfeets Green Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is a result of this innovation.



Best Balance Bike




Kinderfeets Wooden Bike is considered as one of the most innovative and best balance bike on this planet.Companies put too much innovation into this toddler balance bike. There are so many reasons to buy this early rider balance bike.


I have discussed two types of bikes above. One is made of metal and other one is made of plastic. But now I am going to review one of my favorite balancing bike which is made of wood.



One of the interesting  facts of this bike  is that they are so light. Metal bikes are more heavier than wooden bikes. Wood  makes them look good too. Being light and good looking , Kinderfeets green chalkboard bikes are considered to be the best balance bike to a large group of parents.


Another benefit  I must mention is the environment factor. Plastic is not environment-friendly and at the same time turns out to be unhealthy to children. But this wooden balance bike I just mentioned above is 100% environment-friendly. I can also assure you that this wooden bike will help you to keep your child healthy.


As you know, every good thing has something in negative. But trust me, I didn’t find a single one to mention any negative criteria of this bike regarding user friendliness and comfort.  It seems like perfect! What do you say?


This wooden balance bike also targets mostly children of age between 2-4 years old. You may raise a question that how comfortable a wooden bike can be. I have bought this wooden balance bike for my nephew last year. Trust  me, the way they built this product considering comfort ability of the children is simply amazing. It is sometimes tough to get my nephew out from that toddler balance bike.



A very slight problem you may face is what I am going to discuss. Wood is sensitive to water. At rainy days or snow, outdoor use may harm, and it may reduce the long-term usability.


Price  of  Kinderfeets  Wooden Balance Bike  is more than $100. If you consider the stylish wooden frame body structure, user-friendliness, comfort,  and  safety, that price seems legitimate. I will not mind paying an extra  $100 if I can get best balance bike for my kid and it makes her smile. What you think?


Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike



If you got the youngest toddler at your home,  and planning to buy the best toddler bike, then you better think about  Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike.Bunzi is the company which targets the market of the youngest rider.


When I was doing my research to come up with an informative, helpful review, I found it fascinating that Chillafish Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike is only targeting the child who ages from 1-2 years.


Now I should know you some of  the benefits that this bike has.You can convert this bike into 2 or 3 wheeler. How  you can do that? By using these training wheels.But the case is not like that .you can simply do that by taking the seat off. There are two separate frames attached to the seat. You can simply separate it by 180 degrees.



The moment you do that, you can convert it t a two wheeler bike. The seat of this specialized balance bike can be customized.You can  configure the seat height according to your need. You can increase or decrease the seat height  to make it more comfortable for your kids.


Now I am going to share an interesting fact about the bike. You will get an 8.6 inches bike of seat height when you want the bike as a three wheeled bike. But when you covert the bike into a two wheel one, seat height will increase, and it will be 9.8 inches. That means when your toddler turns into a baby; he can also use the bike. This is amazing, right? Indeed. This feature makes this bike one of the best balance bikes.


One thing you must consider before purchasing kids balance bike is that many companies come up with many offer. Some  offers you a bike with a cheaper price but the price of the accessories are higher. You are bound to buy the accessories from te same companies to  exact match. If you are going to buy this bike I will suggest you to spend at least $120 so that it last long and you do not have to worry much about the accessories ,their availabilities and price.




If you ask me to share my personal opinion, I will suggest that you can think about this bike undoublty as it is one of the best blance bike. But  remeber the above mentioned metrics to buy. It is safe to bring this bike at home. If you want your bike to last at least two years or more without changing any parts of distructions then you should spend more than $100 . If you want it for 6 months with a gurantee then you can go with the $50 dollar one.


Go Glider Kids Balance Bike


Go Glider is one of the  most popular  balance bikes  among kids.It is famous for it’s great features,longivity  and attractive designs. Go Glider targets the market from 18months to 4 years old kids.Specialized features based on age make Go Gilder one of the best balane bikes in the market.



The brake is a very fascinating feature of this bike. Many  companies out there in the markets offering specilized balance bike which do not have any brakes. Many of the companies think that there is no need of brakes in a balnce bike.But doing m,y research I found that kids love a bike with brake. They just love brakes for no reasons. Yes, for no reason that what a child does. And  their parents love brakes for safety issues .Kidscan use brake when it is needed.



The brakes which are used in Go Glinder balance bikes are special. Theycombined updated technology  with lucrative design.Brakes used in Go Glinder are so soft and  a kid’s palms can grip in with comfort.


Another special feature of Go Glider balance bike is it’s tire. Go Glider used air tire instead of foam or plastic one. Air tire is one of the core features of the best balance bike.Air tires are comfortable and at the same time it ensures safety. But sometimes it depends on kids which tire they prefer. Some kids mentioned that they are more comfortable using tires made of foam. If  you want air pressuirized  tire, Go Glider gives you  the option of exchanging your previous foam tires with air pressurized tires adding extra 30 bucks.


Go Glider Kids balance bike offers kickstand. Yes, they have a kickstand which is common in balance bikes.Another interesting thing for toddlers that the seat can be customized. You can low the seat height, and you can low the height as low as 11 inches which are good right?


Lets talk more about the seats. You can do whatever you can do with the seats . You can adjust the seat without even using any kind of tools.Go Glider calls  it ”quick release seat clamp” which helps you to adjust the seats of your balancing bike.


Now talk about the negative sides of Go Glider. It is made of metal and when it comes close to water, it’s body is suspectible to rust. Design is a very important factor in a kids balance bike . Go Gilder balance bikes look good  but  that classy part is missing. It could have done better. If you compare it to the other balance bikes , you will get to know what exactly I am saying.


In my opinion ,Go Glider is a top class kids balance bike. I like the price part of this bike most.It is affordable with so many quality features. It also ensures safety. If you want your kids to have the feeling of gliding in the air, then I will recommend you to buy this one. Trust me, It is absolutely amazing.


Diggin Active Skort Balance Bike


If you are looking for an environment friendly balance bike then this is the right one for you. Yes, This Diggin Active Stunt bike is designed in  a way that is completely environment friendly.You should have heard of birch wood. The bike I am reviewing now is made of 100% birch wood. Not only that it has smooth finishing using lacquer veneer.



Metal and plastic contains many chemical. While painting, whole lot of toxic painting materials are used . But this wooden balance bike completely toxic free as it doesn.t need any hard painting. For this environment friendly non toxic technology of this bike, many parents consider it as the best balance bike.


Though environment frienliness and nonroxic behavior of this bike is the main attraction of this bike, it has other features which you may find interesting.This bike got the adjustable seat,  and the range is between 13-17 inches. This bike can  bear upto 72 pounds. Diggin Active Skuut is made for the child  from 2-5 years old.



One thing I must mention that Diggin Active Skuut is an award winning bike of United States  which makes it more special.Environmentally conscious parents always look for this bike . Though you may find a Skuut at a price below $80, I will recommend you to spend at least  $100.


This bike got some drawbacks too. Though this bike is built with all the environment-friendly raw materials,  this bike is no special compared to the other products in the market. You will find almost same features as the others got. As the bike is made of birch wood, it is not marine grade ( is vulnerable to weather or water). Wood can be damaged by snow or rain. Washing it is also sensitive.


I think I made you worried saying too much drawbacks of award winning best balance bike. You can buy it without any fear. The problems I mentioned which may occur in the long run. You can use it comfortably for at least 18 months. This wooden balance bike  will give your kid a great experience .


Early Rider Lite Balance Bike


If you are looking for a wooden balance bike with quality and longevity   then brace youself cause I am going to review the  best balance bike made of wood.  In my review list.Price range of early rider lite varies from $145-$160.  A  little bit expensive  right? I will explain you why.



The bike has carrying capacity of 125 pounds. But the bike itself weights only 7  pounds. This is something interesting about this balancing bike. Early Rider Lite is suitable for 20 months old child to 5 years old kid.


This is a wooden balance bike we are talking. But one thing makes it different from the other wooden balance bikes. The wood is used to build  this bike is FSC certified . FSC stands for  “Forest Stewardship Council” .  FSC  certified birch wood makes it more credible to buy an environment friendly quality early rider bike. You might not think twice about the price before purchasig the bike if you have adequate budget. Harmless product which brings smile on your kid’s face is what matters most.


You might think that you  want to buy the best balance bike for your kid but wooden balance bike does not long last. One thing I must mention that Early Rider Lite is weather and water proof . The wood used in this bike is processed in an environment friendly way using latest technology that won’t let weather/water destroy your kid’s favourite balancing bike.



Among some other features , the seat, is adjustable and flexible. Seat height ranging 11.6-15 inches.  There is a handlebar which is also adjustable. This handlebar has a laminate riser of 2 inches.You can removes the steering limiter anytime if you want. Tires are made of nontoxic rubber.


If I consider the drawbacks of this bike, then I must mention that price is little high compared to the other bikes. The absence of break can make your kid a little bit uncomfortable.


If you are prepared with the adequate budget, I will recommend you not to think twice and waste time reading other reviews. This product is almost perfect I would say.


Strider ST4 Best Balance Bike


Strider has been a famous and credible name in the industry of best balance bike. It recently introduces  ST4 model which succeeds ST3 model of this bike.This bike targets kids from 1 -5 years.  Strider ST4 bike is a bike with quality.



Welded steel frame  is one of the main features on this bike. Overall weight of this bike is 6 pounds. Quality tires give the bike more strength. Tires are 12 inch on inflatable and puncture free gives come up with random use guarantee. Bearing of a bike plays an important role in bike. Strider ST4 got cartridge bearings which are sealed.  The bearings of ST4 is an upgraded version of ST3. The company did noticeable improvement in bearings.


Seat plays a very vital part in balance bikes. No matter how improved features a bike offers, if the seat is not comfortable , then you must avoid this kind of early rider bike Strider ST4 offers very adjustable seat with a minimum heights of 11 inch which is pretty cool and comfortable.You can adjust the seat as high as 16 inches. So you do not have to worry if your toddler turns into a boy .


A new improved pattern of tread makes the best balance bike more lucrative. You will find so many add-on accessories or this bike. Extendible seat post, wider saddles, attached ski, footrest brakes, etc. are add-on accessories. But you will get more.



Every bike got some scale-down features, and Strider ST4 is not an exception. The bike offers a wide range of accessories. Though many people find it fascinating but at the same time, they find this bike is just not the best option as kids balance bike. This wide range of versatile accessories makes things expensive as best balance bike.


The design of Strider ST4 is versatle which makes it more attactive to the toodlers and parents. You can choose your one from many colors.This bike is one of the best balance bikes as it offers a great experience to the kids regarding  diversified features.


First Bike Balance Bike


First bike is another popular best  balance bike among kids. There are five models available in the market. These five models offer riders options to match their needs and wants. Attractive designs made this bike different from others. High-quality materials are used to build this pretty balance bike.To many, Firstbike is the best balance bike in the market.



The frame used on this bike is very flexible and light(8.4 pounds) . Safety brake is attached to the bike which make parents feel safe who do not want to buy a balancebike without a brake.The power of the brake is adjustable. Bsed on your kid’s age and behavior you can easily manage to adjust brake’s power which will enhance safety. tThis is an exceptional feauture comes with Firstbike.


A common problem parents face after purchasing some balance bike is that if someting goes wrong with the tres, the bike is dead. The bikes they purchased do not havr any options of replacing tires. But just becasue your tires are dead, that doesn.T mean that you have to throw your kids favorite balance bike into thrash. You can easily replace it by replacable quality tires which first bike offers.



The first bike gives you the warranty on specific parts of the bike. You will get five years of warranty on a replaceable tire of your early rider bike.



Though the price is the little bit high, firstbike ensures quality. You do not have to think twice of quality.It is build in a way that ensures all the safety an give s your kid all the fun.


Kazam   Balance Bike


Best balance bike


Kazam is undoubtedly a popular one. F the few believe you have watched at least a single show of Shark Tank.  The Kazam Balance Bike first appeared on Shark Tank. This bike was funded by sharks.



Kazam weights 11.2 pounds.Kazam is a heavy bike and havier than most of it’s competitiors.As this balance bike targets 3-6 years old group of the child, then being heavy is not a problem.


Kazam got rubber tires.Tires got smooth tread pattern to make the ride smooth and comfortable. This bike is weather proof, and it got metal spoke wheels.


Seat height is adjustable.It got adjustable height between 14-17 inches. Maximum weight capacity of Kazam balance bike is 75 pounds which are pretty good.


The main highlight of Kazam Balance Bike is the footrest. You can purchase with it or without it, either way, you were comfortable. The bike comes with without a brake, but you can get it with brakes.


Kazam is the best balance bike my nephew thinks. He just loves to play with it. Takes it out every single morning. He finds it comfortable, safe and interesting to ride.


The Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels


You probably heard of BMX freestyle bikes. Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels is a renowned brand which was the first company who introduced us with BMX freestyle bikes.This bike targets the children group aged between 22 months to 5 years.


If you are thinking of purchasing an early rider balance bike for indoor or inhouse use, hen Haro Z-10 PreWheelz balance bike will be the best choice. The bike is s specialized balance bike which is made for the children who loves to play inside a home. This balance bike best suits n smooth paved surface.


Haro Z-10 Pre Wheels is an a very light bike with a crankles frame.Foam tires make it more comfortable to use in the smooth surface like the floor.The seat is adjustable.A great feature of this bike is that it got instructor handle. Parents can easily use this handle to help their baby child to learn how to balance as a beginner. That’s what balance bike is all about right?


As a branded & best balance bike, it is a little bit expensive to a bike. One problem with this bike is that tires arefixed and nonreplaceable. There is another version for advanced kid of this brand. Inconvnience nonreplacable wheels tell you to upgrade to that version of this balance bike.


I have tried to come up with the best balance bikes with the necessary information to you. This information will help you to narrow down your choice from a scattered market. I  discussed  important features and benefits of top 11 balance bike in the market available. At the same time I focused on the things which you should consider before purchasing your one.


There are so many best balance bike out there. Hope my informative discussion will help you to make the right decision. I wrote about the features and benefits in the paragraph. If you simply skim it, you will find that you started to consider many things that you have never prioritized before.  Best of lck with your purchase. Hope you get the best balance bike you wanted.

Balance Bike Reviews

Kinderfeets Balance Bike


Kinderfeets  Balance Bike


Kinderfeets Balance Bike is one of the best wooden balance bikes in US. Amazing handmade wooden pushbike with beautiful footpegs colored in blue chalkboard finish makes the bike popular among both kids and parents. This bike not only look pretty but also feet comfortable enough to ride. Kids love to sit on Kinderfeets Balance Bike for hours.


A Duth designer who lives in California designed this bike with so much love and passion. He actually started to design for his kids who needed a safe,comfotable and colorful bike to ride. Lets see all the cool features of this wooden balance bike and what benefits you are about to get from one of the best balance bikes for toddler.


Cool Features of Kinderfeets Balance Bike


  1. Unique Design : The designer wanted to build a bike for his son which is not available in the current market. His son wanted something unique and colorful. So he designed the bike in a way that is different than any other bikes. This unique design makes kids to fall in love with it.Kinderfeets Balance Bike has unique design.



2.Eco Friendly: Kinderfeets Balance Bike is made from wood collected from the nearest forest. The bike is painted with a chalkboard finish. There is no chance of using  toxic product in this bike. If you are a health conscious parents then you must prefer this bike. This wooden balance bike will safe your kid from harmful toxic paint and  plastic materials.


3.Easility Adjustable: Kinderfeets  Balance Bike made in a way so that you can adjust it easily. Seats are adjustable easily. You do not have to use any extra tools to adjust any part of this bike.


4.Easily Washable: Many parents claim that it is a very tough job to wash kids balance bikes. You may have concern as the bike is made of wood, it will be a tough work for you to wash this. Trust me, this balance bikes are so easy to wash.  Easily washable feature makes parents to get attracted to this toddler balance bike.


Benefits you will get using Kinderfeets Balance Bike




 Health Benefit: This bike is made of fresh wood. You do not have to worry about your kid’s health as it is completely safe. No toxic material is used to build this bike.


Specialized Balance Bike : This is a very special bike. The designer designed this bike for his son . I do not have to explain how care someone puts into building something for his toddler. This bike is built with care,love and passion. That is why this is a specialized balance bike. The more you use it, the more you can feel the product.


Light Weight: As the bike is made of wood, it is so light. Kids face trouble moving bike  because some of them weights too much . Your kid do not have to face this kind of trouble as it is so light .




Fun Colors: Kinderfeets  Balance Bike offers so many colours. Kids always love colorful stuffs. Nicely polished beautiful balance bikes with colors make child more happy .This bike is a fun.


Pros and Cons



  1. Unique Design.
  2. .Multiple Fun Colors.


4.Easily Adjustable.

5.Easy to wash.

6.Parts are replacable.

7.Long lasting.




  1. Seat of Kinderfeets  Balance Bike is little bit weak.

2.Over weight kids may find it truble to ride this bike.


Some Tips For You


1.Try to wash it daily. If you do that your bike will look like new all the time.

  1. It is better not to use any acidic cleaner to clean this bike. You can use clean water.

3.Stay away from any liquide. Wood may soak it and it may damage the natural color.

4.If your kid is over weight, then try to use a heavy cover on the seat.

4.If any parts get damaged, do not worry. You can replace it from your nearby shops.

5.Do not leave your kid alone with the bike before 3 weeks.


Final Verdict



Kinderfeets  Balance Bike is a specialized bike for Kinderfeets Chalkboard Wooden Balance Bike is a specialized bike for toddler. Unquestionable quality with emotional touch make this bike different from all kids balance bike.This bike also took place in the heart of many parents as no toxic element is being used to build this bike. Environment friendly,healthy bike will be a right choice for your kid.










Do you know that maximum parents are worried about their children while riding a bike? Well, this is very usual to be. So, you are not alone. Even I was also going through this phase when my child was young. Before buying best toddler helmet let’s do some research? What  you say?



There is plenty of bikes helmets out there however the inquiry is how certainly? It is exceptionally regular to get mistook for a considerable measure of decisions. Every item has some advantage and some restriction also. On the off chance that the item benefits meet your necessities, then it is called to be the best item for you.



Likely distinctive bike head protectors have several details. The general nature of a head bike shield required estimate and worn actually. If the cap fits in riders head splendidly then it can counteract verging on each head wounds coming about because of crash.


Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet



Razor V17 is a multi-spot helmet to make the riders head cool. There are 17 vents to make the child’s head cool even though wearing for a long time. Moreover, to make it secure and best fit for the head it has some extra pads. Side release buckles to make the best kid scooter helmet for adjusting in their head. It is made following CPSC standards. CPSC stands Consumer Product Safety Commission. Around 8 to 14 years old kids use it. Their head’s reasonable size is 22 to 23.5 inch. This helmet is made of the probable size. Best toddler helmet must need these qualities.

Pros and cons


The weight of this helmet is 1.1 pounds. It will feel very little or next to zero. Very light weight does not mean that it is weak to protect the rider. It can endure a high number of pressures. It is also used for other purposes not only as scooter helmet. While bicycling and skateboarding it can be utilized. Its color is satin pink. Which is perfect for girl and kids.



A color is an important aspect for children. Different color means a different thing. Pink always describes affection, innocence, healthy, pleasure, content, romantic, beauty, playfulness, etc. subconsciously color contributes a lot to people’s perception. It is why the choosing color is necessary. Pink helmets are the best helmets for the kids. The different colors are available.


It is not available in many different sizes. Only the 22 to 23.5 inches range is available. If any 13-year-old girl buys this, then she cannot use it for a long time of course. Moreover, it is only made for scooter riding, bicycling and skateboarding. Except them using it for horse riding will not be an appropriate decision.



In my opinion, depending on the lightness and the ability to protect the rider it is a good choice to order one. With 4.5 reviews the product is satisfying the customer needs very efficiently. If the features did not impress you yet then wait, before buying scroll down and check out the other toddler best helmets.


FAQ about best toddler helmet


Does the helmet support snowboarding?

-Yes, it does.

Are the decals come already on the helmet?

-Yes, the decals will be there already.


Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner



Have you ever heard or noticed from your child sweating while riding? If no then one of the best toddler helmet Triple 8 Brainsaver did. Sweating not only makes your kid’s helmet stink but also creates eye blurring while riding and because of it accidents may occur.



The liner has moisture-wicking layers limit sweat drippage an antibacterial treatment which makes stinking proof. It offers an adjustable strap which is necessary for getting a perfect fit in head. Luckily your child can customize the Triple 8 logo rivets. A classic stake makes the side design. Multi-impact designs are also available.

Pros and Cons


The helmet can be used for scooters, skateboarding, in-line skating. The techies collected information from the top riders. After listening, they came to a conclusion that sweating disturbed the riders a lot and made the sweat saver helmet. The Sweatsaver liner is a standard in all rubberized and pro helmets.



The helmet is not for bicycles.


To sum up, the Sweatsaver liner is a very effective one. Because of sweating up, many children can be a victim to allergies. This helmet can also be nominated for the best toddler helmet or the best bike helmet. Besides the sweat saver, multi-use of this helmet impresses the riders. With a big review approx 4.5, the product remains at the top of many riders list.




Is the liner washable?

-Yes, it is washable and try handwash.

I am a 16-year-old girl, but I am not sure about my head size

-at first, you need to measure your head unless I cannot suggest you anything. After measuring let me know and then I can tell you. Besides, you can see the size chart above.


Bell Minnie Mouse Toddler Helmet


This helmet is for the size between 48 to 52 cm. A child with this head size can find it as the best toddler helmet or the best bike helmet. The helmet has high-impact reflectors. Which means it will be attractive. Kids like reflecting objects. So the company wants to fulfill their needs. By all means, safety comes first.



The back part of the helmet got extended to assure the extra security. And it covers the neck also. Besides, making air circulation constant on the head the helmet is provided with eight vents.

Pros and cons


The appearance of the headgear makes it attractive, and the high-impact reflector impresses kids. Color and the design is one of the most favorite of little girls. The extra security confirms the parents trust. Also, the vents of Best toddler hHelmet keep their head cool and make the ride a long one.



The helmet is only for kids around 48 to 52 cm head size. So children cannot use it for a long time as they will constantly be  growing up. The design and color discourage a lot of boys to use it.


In fact, the female riders call it as the best bike helmet. The reason is the look of it and the design as well. It owns a high 4.4 review. If you are a girl and looking for a safe and stylish helmet, then you may try it.




Does this own the CPSC label?

-Yes, it does.

Does this helmet support the size more than 52?



Raskullz Dinosaur Helmet



Watching the helmet the first thing in your mind might come, Oh, My God what is this. For your child, it might be the best toddler helmet. Of course its 3d molded design impresses your child heart the most. It owns aerodynamic cooling vents for the freshness. Besides it has shock absorbing EPS inner shell for protecting your child. Moreover, the nylon straps adjust with the head so comfortably and avoid risk. The helmet has passed CPSC and ASTM safety.


Pros and cons


The helmet saves your child from many different aspects. It has shock absorbing EPS inner shell to protect from any crash and electric shocks. Raskullz adopts the latest in helmets safety technology with toy-inspired characters. Moreover, the aerodynamic vents keep the air circulation best. In the airplanes, this system is getting to follow for flying correctly. Finally, the design is mostly preferred. High customer reviews also prove that. The company invested in the 3d technology to catch the child’s eye. The helmet is at the forefront of all helmet safety technology.


The design itself is a con. Many parents don’t like their child to wear helmets conceived in this way.


In a word, the helmet might be one of the fanciest helmets to your child. With the highest and 100% review, the product is now about to rule on others. The latest safety technology keeps you less worried and gains full trust on it. It is designed for many cartoon characters so that children can love it as like the toys. To ride a balance bike safely, read the article here.




Which size is it for?

-It fits very well to my friends 8-year-old son.

Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet


The helmet has all-around protection for every sports need. The best toddler helmet has two layers inside for protection. Of the two reinforced layers, the first or the cap is made of ABS material. The EPS outer shell covers the cap for dual protection. So the helmet has ABS and EPS construction. Moreover, inside the internal fabric lining and ear padding consists of hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment.



That means sweating while riding will not cause bad odors. Also the helmet has a google loop. A padded chin strap helps the rider to fit in. By the way, there are four sizes to choose from and each size has a micro strap to give the best fitting.The headgear is vented and hypoallergenic, so it is much safer. The comfort touched its limit because of the straps and micro straps. The ear padding and goggle loop are much comfortable for best toddler helmet.


Pros and cons


The design of the helmet is absolutely like a sporting one. The company made the features providing all the sporting needs. For skateboarding this helmet is a perfect match. However, for bikes and scooters, kids are using this headgear as well. The company is so much confident about their quality that they have given a lifetime warranty to each of the helmets.



The mask is made for skateboarding. But still using this for bikes and scooters has no harm.


With the four review, best toddler helmet is also doing well. For snowboarding the helmet gives maximum security. Either way being an expert in the winters and fighting against the snow the head protector is good. The warranty assures you of the quality.




Does it have a rachet on the back of the head protector to fix it on my skull, so it doesn’t move?

-Yes, it does. There are a few points of confinement. That is the reason you need to get the right size.

are the helmets for children or grown-ups?

-I trust they are adult measured. However, I purchased the little for my 4 and 6-year-old, and they fit well. Somewhat huge for the 4-year-old, yet she is developing into it.


All things considered, it is you to choose the Best toddler helmet for you or your child who loves to ride balance bike.What I did is picked up the mostly buying and the top rated review helmets and presented them in front of you in this article. Of course, I am sure about the safety of these products. It is recommended for you to check out as well and then go for a decision. Best of luck! You will get the best toddler helmet or the best scooter  helmet.


Best Scooters Reviews


Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter












May be the headline has indicated you what you are going to read. Yes, it did, about the electric scooter. Let me tell you how I am going to explain all the research ideas I have found. At first, I will let you know how it is to ride or how your children will feel while riding on this. Will it be appropriate for them or safe enough?  Firstly, I will talk about the manufacturer information of Razor E100 glow electric scooter. It is one of the best electric scooters among Razor electric scooter. Then I will be explaining the motor and other parts. Then, safety and finally the accessories and maintenance.


After the purchase, the scooter needs to put together, and adult assembly will help the children do this. Then the vehicle requires at least 12 hours of charge, but the company recommends a 24 hours long charge. There is a red switch bellow the handlebar. After flipping up the on button, the switch will turn red. That means it starts. Then, use the kickstand to start it and fall into motion.


The scooter is width is about 35″X8.5″ X17″. The Razor E100 glow electric scooter can hold 120 lbs at max.  The throttle stays at the red-handed bar. The twist-grip throttle helps the children other bike ridings. The vehicle must be moving on at 3 miles per hour before the throttle engage motor activation. With the support of one leg, a kid can generate the 3 miles speed.


However, the scooter is no more than ten mph. At a speed of 10 mph, the electric vehicle can continuously work for 40 minutes. Depending on the riding condition and maintenance the scooter might sound like “put-put-put” which means it needs to get recharged. Moreover, each time you twist the throttle the scooter lights up a blue LED light on the surface. The powerful light attracts everyone’s sight and let them know it is a strong ride of light. It recommends that every rider needs to use the headgear while riding. The scooter is for 8+ children.


Now it’s the best time to know about the manufacturer.  The Razor Company is the producer of this electronic scooter. Most people believe it to be the top manufacturer of riders of the world. The company is in California. It has high customer reviews. The general people like the features and the quality of their products.



Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

The motor is the mother of all the parts inside the scooter. Like the other electric scooters, Razor E100 glow electric scooter is same simple designed. With a motor, battery, and a black box which is the controller, the whole vehicle is designed. The motor keeps you moving, and the battery supports the motor with adequate power. The battery is 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable. With a kick start, the motor tends to be very easy to start. Only a direct kick is enough for it. And a high-torque and chain driven motor is another feature of this product.


ThrottleRazor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


Hand flipped throttle. Once you twist the throttle, the surface begins to light up. The grips are so comfortable and made of rubber.


BrakeRazor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


It is a hand operated front brake. With a 8″ pneumatic front tire and urethane covered wheel. The brakes are so effective than the others. With the two tires, front, and the back one gives the vehicle a proper control of it. The kickstand is retractable.




The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is safe enough for a child. Firstly, it holds a very standard speed around ten mph. Then, it is built up with a steel frame which saves it from any harm. Consecutively, the two tires and the shape of the scooter confirm the comfortable and safe riding. Also, the lowest noise doesn’t bother others.


Accessories and maintenance


The charger is available, and some assembly tools are necessary for maintenance.  The scooter is very simple designed, so the maintenance is not complicated only the motors and the controller and the battery that’s it.  Sometimes only lubricating and adjusting or tuning might be necessary.



With a very secure operating the scooter is the best vehicle for the kids. Only a little training is needed for making your child a pro scooter driver. Throttles and the brakes are designed similarly to bikes. So your child will get a good idea of riding a bike in further. However, the company may change the product specification and features without notice.



Final verdict of Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


In my opinion, the Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is the best of the bests for your kid to start. With a little training, your child will quickly be controlling the scooter. Again, its blue light which becomes glowing with the flips in the throttle make


Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter









Electric scooters have become a major mean of transport. As the popularity of electric scooter is increasing day by day. The demand for the best electric scooter is also high nowadays. An electric scooter is considered as a very convenient eco- friendly way when one is trying to avoid the traffic jam.


You can reach your destination even faster than a car. Kids also love this ride. Most updated technologies are used to build an electric scooter. Different companies are making the electric scooter. us the best electric scooter which was not built before. Depending on your budget and requirements, you have to choose which model you want for you or your kids.


Before purchasing an electric scooter, we check quality. Speed, battery, and durability. This is all we want to see in an electric scooter. eZip E450 Electric Scooter is exactly that type of scooter you are looking for. It is built with the modern technology considering all the things you want in an electric scooter. Who are trying to build something which people will love?


Not only that the company started with a great vision to solve the problem of air pollution. This eco-friendly, fast and beautifully designed electric scooter is ready to give you an exciting experience. You will love eZip E450 Electric Scooter


Features of Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter

If you have noticed the scooter, it colored in red. Isn’t it beautiful? This scooter is beautiful and strong at the same time as it is built with solid steel frame and non-slip deck.


Dimension: 52 pounds in weight, 8 inch in height, 18 inches in width and 45 inch in length make the scooter a strong, comfortable one.

Chain Drive System: Chain drive system is an important feature of eZip E450 Electric Scooter


Battery life: EV Rated SLA battery is used in this scooter. This battery is consisting two 12v 10Ah value regulated. 5-8 hours can be taken to be fully charged. Battery got 200 cycles of life.


Seat: Easily connected and removable seat makes it easily to adjust.

Battery: It runs on a 450W motor with DC Earth Magnet.

Monitor: There is a battery attached to this scooter. It helps you to know how much battery s remaining.on the right handle this scooter, you will find battery charge indicator. This is a helpful tool for an electric scooter for the adult.

Speed: eZip E450 Electric Scooter offers 15 miles per hour of maximum speed. It can cover 8 miles per charge

Quality Tires: 10-inch Street Slick tires are offered with this scooter.

Pull Brakes: Front linear pull brakes are given.


Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter Review benefits


Battery Storage Compartment

All the best electric scooter got battery storage compartment. As: eZip E450 Electric Scooter is a best electric scooter for adult, it also has battery storage compartment. 24v SLA battery comes with battery storage compartment. Battery compartment helps to keep the battery safe from moisture, dust, and rain. This is an additional safety measure which assures a long life to the battery and scooter as well.


Using the charge port, you can very easily charge the scooter. The battery compartment makes life easy. You can simply remove the port once your scooter is done with charging. Without any hassle along with extra safety, you can charge the battery anytime you want. This is the quality of the best electric scooter.

Handling and Speed


eZip E450 Electric Scooter is one of the best product and using this you will able to reach your short distance destination faster than any vehicle. You will find this piece of vehicle handy and comfortable. Your life will become easier than before. People who used this scooter found appreciated it for its quality service as it promised.




1.This electric scooter is designed for both adult and kids. But kids must be above 12 years old. I would request parents to make sure that your kid got the ability of riding an electric scooter. If your kid gets completely comfortable with the scooter, do not let him ride on a busy road.
2.If you want to avoid injuries, please wear a helmet before you start to ride.

How to install and maintainCurrie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter Review?


Assembling an electric scooter is not rocket sign. You will get step by step guideline in the manual. You can adjust the seat for total comfortability. Using the basic tool you can install the bike.


If you stuck while assembling any part of the scooter, then do not waste your time. The first search you tube to find any video tutorial of assembling your scooter. If you do not find, then take help from others. You can even ask me so I can show you how to do it. Do not panic. It is easy.




Shopping for the best electric scooter is tricky .Not everyone can make it properly. There is also cheap quality products in the market. If ou buys the wrong one, then you will suffer. If you desire the best electric scooter, then my blog has plenty of resources to offer. I always focus on quality, not price. But the price is also an important issue. I know it is thought to invest a lot on an electric scooter.


But I will suggest you to take time and prepare to buy the best electric scooter for adults. Do not rush and buy anything. I am guiding you to pick the right electric scooter to have the best experience by writing thousands word of contents. If you do not follow and make the bad decision, then we both will be looser. Take time before you buy a scooter. Know your budget, get an idea what your product is offering. Compare Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter with other electric scooters. Then finally, make your decision.

Best Scooters Reviews











So, you are looking for one of the best scooter, right? If you are unaware of RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER, then you are in the right place. You will be provided with a lot of information about this scooter. If you are previously aware then still it would be one of the best places as different information may help you in a way. My purpose in this article is to serve an un-judgmental information to every reader about one of the best electric scooters.
Now time to get introduced to me. I love writings. Because of writing, I need to research a lot. Otherwise, it doesn’t become a quality one. Well, I am still writing in several websites and writing about 5000 above words daily. I don’t write for earning only; I find a reason always to write one.


Scooters have always been my passion. I keep always looking up in the market which product has come and the specifications. A lot of friends of mine bought scooters and asked me to suggest them. So, I have a lot of information. And I will represent them in a real format in this article. So, you can see whether they are helpful for you or not.RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is an electric scooter.


The scooter has a vintage-inspired look. That means the attractive color. The bike is unique from the others because of the color and style. The scooter’s style is perfect for adults to use. You will love it while riding in the sun. The chain-driven electric motor gives the power to move. Chain-driven motors are less noisy than the others. It is 41uR5Wqr9BLenviron-friendly and also provides you with a standard motion.


The 12-inch pneumatic tires are with the rear suspension system. Firstly, the size is perfect. If it were narrow then you would find hard to balance. The pneumatic with rear suspension system is like the other vehicles which make the product safer. The built-in battery is one of the unusual offers of this product. The battery supports up to 10 miles ride after a single charge. We don’t usually travel 10 miles in a day. So, it is enough for a person to use it comfortably in one day.






If the product would support more than 10 miles, then it would unnecessarily kill more times for charging as we don’t travel more than 10 miles in one day. And long journeys should be avoided with a scooter. RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is for the use of 13+ children until an adult age. The bike can hold up to 170 pounds which are under the average weight of human beings. The ride is enjoyable for every rider. The speed is up to 15 miles per hour.


Which is the best speed for an electric scooter? Once you ride it, you will feel the winds on your face. And you will just love it. A rider doesn’t ride only for transportation. Riding is fun, or it is like a meditation. You need to choose a comfortable one for yours. RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is one of the best one. You can give it a trial.


Now I’ll show you the differences or the uniqueness of this scooter than others. After comparing them, you will have a good idea about them. And you will be able to decide why it is best to you.


1. Super Turbo 1000watt Elite:

It has a complex, powerful motor to provide a high speed. It takes the power from a 1000 Watt 36V motor. The scooter can reach 26 miles per hour. Also, it can hold 250 lbs weight. The body is sturdy and designed.
But it does look like childish. Its shape is to attract the children. Moreover, it is tough to carry. And finally, the most important thing is it has a poor battery. However, there are several complains from the users that they are using some cheap materials. It is also a bit pricy.
In this case, RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER does look very smart, and many adults love to use it. As it is electrically charged item so, you can keep it indoor. The weight of this product is light enough because of its shape. And the battery is powerful sufficiently to support. The product charges almost half of the Turbo 1000watt.


2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

The scooter is an updated version of E200 and E100 and so on. It has a gross powerful chain-driven motor. It gives you a high speed around 15 mph. The throttle is updated. Your child will love it. Its size is bigger for two kids at the same time.


However, the scooter will serve you up to 40 minutes on a single charge. It takes 12 hours time to get recharged and ready to use. The scooter has another limitation with the battery. The owner manual says about the eight rules. Unless you follow them, you will kill the battery.


Moreover, the product is bit pricy comparing to the other scooters.RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is for the use of 12+children. It looks like a Vespa. And this is why they prefer to use it. The scooter supports 170 pounds rider. The vehicle can be applied for until ten miles after a single charge. The battery of this scooter is powerful. It helps the motor reach 15 mph.


So, you might realize now why I choose it to suggest you. I think that the RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER looks better. The other scooters are designed for the kids. But this one is for 12+ children who can control. The color and the design impress me more. As it looks like a Vespa, your kids will love it. They will feel like riding a bike.
Now time for the benefits. No one buys anything without their benefits. It takes a lot of money to purchase a scooter, but you have to look what you are getting in return.
Let’s start with the motor. You might find a lot of words which describes the quality of an engine but most of them are in technical languages. Everybody does not understand them. So, to make them understand who have not decent idea about them I will be discussing in simple language.


The motor has a very high quality. It takes a lot of energy to drive a vehicle with the weight of the rider. Also, assemblies are another important factor. If the parts are complex, then it will not be a good vehicle. So, luckily the scooter serves us with an efficient motor to drive it and last it for a long time. The assemblies are easy and very simple that a 12 or 13-year child is capable enough to manage. It might take some oiling and clean the machine, and that’s it. The chain-driven motor generates the maximum battery power.


Secondly, the product will let you ride for 10 miles after a single charge. Many other scooters can run up to 40 minutes. Well, that is not enough for adults. Yes, they are good motors but for the children. Children would take a ride in the neighborhood and that backup time is standard for them. But with the 10 miles back up you can take it to your school, workplace and somewhere else.


We don’t usually go for a long ride on a scooter. We have bikes or cars for them. RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER lets you use it as transportation, and you don’t need to wait for a bus or a taxi.


Also, it gives you a 15 mph speed. In other words, you can say that it has the speed of second gear. A precaution of any scooter is you should not take it in a high way.
The design of this bike is unique. The classic design of it lets you have an attractive look. Moreover, it is available in many colors. Women love pink so they can get one in pink. Males like dark colors black or blue. So, they can get one. The ride is not just about going one place to another; it is something else which is addictive.
Good tires help you to balance. Moreover, for a smoother ride and durability tires play a significant role. Tires have to be strong to hold the weight and avoid leakages while driving.
Under the seat, you have a compartment to store anything. Assemblies or some little products your child or you can take it along on the road.





The RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER is for the person 12+. Don’t let your child under 12 use it. They might not be able enough to control it.The weight limit is up to 160 pounds. If you are under 160, then you can easily use it.

Customer Reviews

My 11-year-old daughter was begging for an electric scooter, and I was hesitating about it. And then our neighbor bought one which was so loud and on the weekends it blew out our ears. Then we went to buy our child one and then noticed the Razor pocket mod, and it was at the same price.


It was adorable, and my kid quickly got swayed. The scooter was easy putting together and changing. Tires were beautiful and fat so that it could ride in the off-roads and several rocky areas. The best thing we had noticed it was amazingly quiet. It was a blessing compared to the neighbor’s noisy one.


Apparently, you won’t hear the sound of it unless you are not standing close to RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER. The bad thing was pumping the tires because angles were necessary. It felt incredible watching her ride the scooter. The brakes and the throttles take the time to get used to. But after several day of practice, she turned into a pro. Her father rides a bike. So, he was so much conscious with the scooter. So, sometimes he checks it and ride. Though he is about 180 lbs, he can still ride on it.


Mrs. Elina bought two of the red pocket sports mods for her twin girls for Christmas this year. She says that she could not find a better one anywhere else than here. Amazon had lower prices than the stores, and they didn’t charge shipping cost. She lives in Hawaii, and it is hard for her to find that. The set up was very easy, she is a mom, and the only thing that had to be put together were the handlebars, five minutes at max.


Though the packets they were shipped in were quite a challenge to get open. The second one she opened and found that the back fender was all cracked and broken. Being gifts for under the tree the next morning, she had to put them both out, or she would never hear the end of it. The broken part had no effect on the ability of the Razor POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER to go anywhere, and when she finally got in touch with Razor (because of the holiday), they were more than happy to assist her.


They were sending a new part to change the broken one. They were excellent little scooters, they are quick, and the girls love to zoom around the neighborhood on them. They kept a good charge, and although it says they only hold a charge for 30 minutes, her girls can ride them for a good hour and a half continuously and they are still pretty good. Her girls are 11 1/2, but they look slight for their age, maybe that is why.


Anyhow she completely recommends this product to anyone who is thinking about buying. Even the kids living in her neighborhood that have electric scooters, like this one much better because they look like real little mopeds, they are fast. The family of Mrs. Elina is triumphal with their purchase.



Where will I get the replacement of batteries of this product?
Ans: We just got this around Easter for our granddaughter, and the battery is extraordinary we would attempt to buy another battery from store or EBAY or even WALMART or did you even attempt on here. We wished to get an extra one so that when this one charges she has a perfect one she adores this bike good fortunes it shouldn’t be elusive


Is RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER suitable for going one or two miles? It is a little hilly area. So is it hard to stop? Or is it easy to steal?
Ans: It is capable of up to 10 miles on a full charge. It feels well for my ten-year-old son (70 lbs). He locks it up with a bike cable lock. Because it is easy to steal otherwise.


Can it be driven on the gravel?81ibZGnqLyL._SL1500_

Ans: Yes a lot of girls are turning into the driveway, and it’s gravel.


Will a five-year-old boy who had no training or anything even did not try to drive a scooter before?

Ans: If he cannot ride a bike, I think it would be difficult for him to ride this, just due to the balancing. Once he learns how to balance it himself on a bike (without training wheels), I think he might be able to ride this. But five still becomes a bit young, because even though 12 miles don’t seem that speedy, it is when your child is on it. The first time my eight-year-old was on it, I became very nervous, b/c it seemed like he was going very fast….but after a little more while I was okay because he had good control over it.
Does the RAZOR POCKET MOD MINIATURE EURO ELECTRIC SCOOTER fit and safe for seven years old child?


Ans: In our roads we see children from the age of five riding these bikes, all of them must wear the headgear and believe me they have a blast. The scooters are very well made you forget that they are just a toy. Your son or daughter will love it.


Do we need to buy the charger or the company provides the charger with it?


Ans: The charger comes with it. All you have to do is just charge it at first for twenty-four hours. A full charge lasts for about 12 hours sometimes it varies with the weather. I love my razor balance bike. I have only a 10-year-old cousin, and he has set rules on who can do the ride it with me or who is got to drive it. You or your child will enjoy and love it. I took some monster high stickers and tried to make it a new look a monster look.


Best Scooters Reviews

Razor E200 Electric Scooter









How much you love to ride the scooter? If you are a scooter lover, then you must have heard the name of the brand Razor. Razor electric scooters are the most popular scooters in the industry. Razor E200 electric scooter is a star product of the brand Razor. America loves Razor electric scooter and Americans are crazy about Razor E200 electric scooter.


There is no doubt that Razor established its brand value successfully over years and gained the trust and credibility. Razor scooters are the best electric scooter in America. Not only America but the world appreciate the brand.


California-based company Razor was founded in 2000. This company quickly reached at the top for excellent, flawless quality of it’s product. Award winning scooters helped to build a brand image to show the world who they are. Along with electric scooters, Razor also got diversified action sports products like snowboarding, BMX, motocross much more. All the items are manufactured for people of all ages.


Features of Razor E200 Electric Scooter



Different user-friendly features made the brand famous. All of its products got some unique features. Some of the special features are discussed below-
12 miles/hour: Razor E200 electric scooter is built with high-quality material and latest technology which made the scooter more powerful. This powerful scooter offers a great speed which is 12 Miles/hour.
High torque-boosting Motor: Ultra quite chain helps to have a simple kick start.
Safety: Twist grip acceleration system is installed in this scooter to ensure safety. For this configuration total control over speed will be in your hands.


Zero emission: All Razor scooters are built with environment-friendly technology. Razor E200 electric scooter is also built with eco-friendly materials which ensure zero emission.
8-inch pneumatic front tier: 8-inch pneumatic front tier makes it sure that you can have a smooth, comfortable ride.


24V battery system: Two 12V sealed lead acid batteries are attached to the main body battery system.
Initial Charge time: 13-18 hours.Razor E200 Electric Scooter
Recharge Time: Recharge time for any Razor electric scooter is 12 hours. Though 24 hours are recommended by the manufacturer.
Ride time; Powerful battery, shock resistant tires, and speed control ensures continuous ride time of at least 40 minutes.
Assembled dimensions: 37”x16”x42.”
Wight: Razor E200 electric scooter weights around 40 pounds.


What’s Different About Razor E200 electric scooter?

Among all other Razor products, Razor E200 is treated one of the best electric scooters on the industry. Regarding size, throttle, and speed, it the-the best electric scooter. Apart from the problem of being a little heavy, Razor E200 offers enough space to ride comfortably and can carry weight up to 220 lbs.


Here are three main features which make Razor E200 electric scooter so special.




Kids aged 100 years old or more can comfortably ride the scooters. Better acceleration control helps to ride with a comfortable speed. 12 mile per hour speed is offered by Razor E200, which is less then three mpg from Razor E300. But 12 mph is more than enough to have all the fun of the best electric scooter. This smooth acceleration system ensures your comfort ability and safety.




Razor E200 offers the spacious deck. Full-size deck wit comfortable handlebar makes it fun to ride a scooter. In some cases, tall people find it little uncomfortable to ride a scooter because the adjustment made for average size people. You do not have to worry about your size. It can be adjustable according to your need. Razor E200 offers enough standing space and longer shafts.


Battery Life

If you go through the customer reviews on Amazon, you will get to know how satisfied they are with the battery life. Less charging is required to run Razor E200 electric scooter. All the best electric scooters face trouble with battery life. But Razor electric scooters ensure at least 40 minutes continuous ride time.


Installation and AssemblingRazor E200 Electric Scooter

It is easy to install/ assemble razor E200. You just have to go through the instruction manual provided with the product. Step by step guide will be provided there. . Follow the steps-

1. To open quick release, attach the handlebar by pressing the push button.
2. Insert the shaft stem and keep pushing it unless the button locks itself

Maintenance and repair


Brakes- Upon squeezing the lever, the brake should be proper braking action. If the brake lever seems tighter, adjust it using the brake lever adjuster.


Hardware- You have to check each and every nut thoroughly. It won’t take much time. You must keep a toolbox in your home so you can do all these by yourself. Using tools you can fix the nuts and bolts.


Frame Fork: Everytime after a ride, check if there are any broken connections or cracks. If you find any crack, do not ride until you fix this.




Razor E200 electric scooter is a great product among razor electric scooters. And Razor is one of the best electric scooter companies among the world. You can purchase the scooter without any single doubt. If you think your budget is small to buy it, then I will suggest you take time and get prepared to buy it. Less to buy something that doesn’t ensure safety and comfort ability. You have to make your choice, and it will be your call.

Best Scooters Reviews

Razor e100 eletric scooter











Not only kids but also adults love to ride an electric scooter. An electric scooter is not only used as a medium of transport but as a fun instrument. It is a refreshing tool to hang out with friends. When it comes electric scooter, Razor is the name comes to our mind first. Among Razor , Razor e100 electric scooter is a name with prestige.


It is the most reputed brand in electric scooter industry. If you want the best electric scooter, then you should choose one from the Razor models. Razor E100 electric scooter is a popular one among Razor electric scooters.

Razor headquarter in California, and the company was founded in 2000. Many of the products have been awarded for its quality and promise. Customers love Razor products and they never forget to leave a sweet review about them. Razor not only sell products, but It also gives you experiences. Along with electric scooters, Razor also helps you to grab different type of action sports products for better experience and lifestyle. You will love once you use one of their products.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter Features

Probably you have heard about parents choice award. This award is provided based on parents review on products and their experiences. Razor E100 electric scooters won Parents Choice award for its performance.


Ultra quiet chain driven motor: With a simple kick, you can easily start the motor. You can get speed up to 10 mph. With twist-grip acceleration control, you can easily control the speed.

Zero Emission Technology: Razor is very sensitive when it comes environmental issues. All Razor electric scooters are made of high quality zero emission technology. All the parts are environment-friendly which was used to build the scooters. This helps to keep the environment healthy.


24V rechargeable battery system: 24V battery is used and which is UL approved. The battery takes 12 hours of charge time to get fully recharged.


Ride time of more than 40 minutes: Razor E100 electric scooter offers continuous ride time more than 40 minutes. You will barely find this in so called best electric scooters out there in the market.


Specialized feature for adults: Razor Electric Scooters are famous among kids. But nowadays to avoid traffic unexpected jam, adults are shifting to the electric scooter. To meet the demand of adults Razor specialized Razor E100 electric scooter in a way so that adults can use it comfortably as well as the kids above eight years old.

Safety: Safety is a very important issue. Parents focus on safety more than anyone. Razor electric scooters ensure safety. If you buy any of the Razor scooters, you will get a beautiful kickstand. It will help to stand your scooter anywhere you want.


Razor e100 eletric scooter

8-Inch Pneumatic front tire: Quality tire will help you to have the smoothest ride possible.


Easy Assemble: You will get necessary tools with the mother product. Using them you can assemble easy.
Weight: It weights around 31 pounds.
Assembled dimensions: 32.5”x16”x36.”



What makes Razor E100 Electric Scooter as one of the best electric scooters?

1. Razor E100 electric scooter is relatively cheap if you compare to the similar products of scooter industry.
2. Razor promises you to have a smooth, comfortable experience.
3. Hand operated speed control, and rear brake will ensure your safety. You will have the total control over the scooter.




Razor e100 eletric scooter



Battery life is a major issue in an electric scooter. Best electric scooter always ensures high battery performance for longer period. You can ride continuously 40 minutes using Roger E100 electric scooter.


Unlike other scooters of different companies, razor scooters are easy to assemble and maintain. When you receive the package from Amazon, you will get two separate parts. One is handlebar, and another part is the deck. You have to assemble it. All necessary tools will be provided. There is nothing to worry. 10 -15 minutes will be enough to assemble it. Initially Razor E100 electric scooter requires 12 hours of charge.


Installation and Assembling

Installation and assembling are a 15 minutes job. But many people is afraid to do that. They panic. I am giving you the instruction to follow. of not doing it perfectly.


1.By threading the cable adjuster, you can easily adjust the brake cable.
2.Use 10mm wrench to lose the brake. After that, you can adjust it any way according to your need.


You can replace the front wheel by following these steps-
1. Firstly, using 10mm open wrench you have to loosen the brake cable.
2. Then Using 16mm open wrench, you have to loosen the locknuts.
3. Finally, replace the old wheel with the new one.



Razor E100 electric scooter is considered to be one of the best electric scooters among other Razor Electric Scooters. Razor is not popular just for building electric scooters for kids; It also gained popularity for creating electric quality scooter for adults If you are planning to the best electric scooter, you may read reviews of Razor E200 electric scooter and Razor E300 electric scooter. Then you can make a comparison and come to a final decision which one will be appropriate for you.




Introduction to Best Scooter Helmet

There are a lot of scooter bikes out there, but the question is how to be sure? It is very usual to get confused with a lot of choices. Each product has some benefit and some limitation as well. If the product benefits meet your requirements, then it is called to be the best product for you.


Likely different scooter helmets have different specifications. The general quality of best Scooter Helmet required size and worn correctly. If it fits in riders, head perfectly then it can prevent almost every head injuries resulting from any collision.


Razor V17 Scooter helmet81HJBNc-ldL._SL1500_


Razor V17 Scooter helmet    is a multi -spot helmet to make the riders head cool. There are 17 vents to make the child’s head cool even though wearing for a long time. Moreover, to make it secure and best fit for the head it has some extra pads. Side release buckles to make the best kid scooter helmet for adjusting in their head.



61KYpWTNLGL._SL1000_It follows the correct CPSC standards. CPSC stands Consumer Product Safety Commission. Around 8 to 14 years old kids use it. Their head’s reasonable size is 22 to 23.5 inch. This helmet is made for the reasonable size. Best scooter helmet must need these qualities.


Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet


It is not available in many different sizes. Only the 22 to 23.5 inches range is available. If any 13-year-old girl buys this, then she cannot use it for a long time of course. Moreover, it is only made for scooter riding, bicycling and skateboarding. Except them using it for horse riding will not be an appropriate decision.


Triple 8 Brainsaver rubber helmet with sweat saver liner:



Triple 8 Brainsaver rubber helmet 51eblHBkLQL._SL1002_ 71bQuLfsTOL._SL1429_ 617tQPBl4nL._SL1000_


This helmet has a unique quality because it has a sweat saver liner. Because of long time wearing sweating is a very common matter. Because of sweating many helmets stink a lot Moreover sometimes due to sweating a lot of us face eye blurring. Here sweat saver helps a lot eliminating the smell and protecting from eye blurring. The liner has moisture-wicking layers limit sweat drippage an antibacterial treatment which makes stinking proof.


It is available in many different sizes and has a multi -impact design. With the adjustable straps, it fits in your head. Customized logo rivets.It is not used for bicycles. The usage of this product only limits in skating, skateboarding, and scooter riding.


Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Series Half Helmet


This helmet is designed for the riders and the regulation of DOT. The product has the lowest profile design allowed to pass the DOT’s rigorous testing standards. The layer of comfortable mesh material on the forehead allows enough air circulation to make the head cold and also to have enough moisture evaporation for less sweating.




Fuel Half Helmet 81uNnWmo8RL._SL1500_ 81Y+vw1cBRL._SL1500_ Best Scooter Helmet

The interior is best for fitting up entirely and, of course, most comfortably because of a padded and open rear retention system. The product has one of least weight but assuring the safety. Ultra violated clear coated paint.


It is very plain and has the least design. Moreover, it is also very light but ensures the safety. Because of the lightness, it loses trusts of people.


GLX Copter Style Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


Helmets might take many different shapes now a day, but the motorcycle helmets give the riders the best feeling of riding. It is for sure to keep in mind that closed helmets must be comfortable before buying. This open face helmet offers the most comfort as it has a soft and generous interior.


GLX Copter Style Open Face Motorcycle Helmet 41F8vpX8c-L 51CxKhTZmxL 51X7kLdS61L



Undoubtedly, this type is one of the most secure ones with its high impact resistant thermoplastic outer shell. It has Doubled D-ring retention system to fit in. The liner is removable and washable.


It has a delicate profile design and shortage of air circulation may cause sweating. For a long ride, these helmets do not help that much because it makes your head heated.


Razor Full Face Youth Helmet


A full face helmet gives the rider a better security and the extra pads make the helmet more comfortable and secure both. The full face helmets are very much safe to wear always as it covers up the whole face. Moreover, it also makes the product stylish and gives an athletic look which make this helmet best scooter helmet.



Razor Full Face Youth Helmet Best Scooter Helmet


Unlike the other full face helmets, it has 17 vents at the top to keep the head cool while riding. As a result, long journey is possible with this helmet. Adjustable straps to fit in and it also has specious eye port for use with goggles. CPSC standardly complies.It is only available in 21.5 to 23 inches. Usually, 8 to 14 years old kids only can use them.


Raider Deluxe Helmet


Every rider’s dream is to go on for a long one. While riding phones and other communications may disturb the rider and sometimes stopping by for picking up the phone is painful. The helmet provides acceptance of communication system. So, no need to push the brake and talk on a phone.


819KlYEY9RL._SL1500_ Raider Deluxe Helmet



Again long rides become more fun with the music, so it is also possible here. Moreover, rubber beads give the perfect fitting for head and make it comfortable. The visor gets snapped off and makes the helmet a get a good fashionable look. The weight is very light, and a thermoplastic shell covers it. The vents make air circulation regular and keep the head cool.


Very light weight but that doesn’t mean it is unsafe. The communication system has its privilege and some disadvantage as well. The system might stop working because huge pressure or hitting something, but this is not a that much severe drawback to getting untracked to this product.


VCAN V531 Solid Flat Black Large Half Helmet


VCAN Solid Flat Black Large Cruiser Half Helmet is a stylish, safe and comfortable off road experience. The crash helmet is made of highest quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell which perfectly matches or even exceeds DOT’s standard. The interior is designed to be soft and top comfortable for any rider.


VCAN Half Helmet 81B+3sKsZNL._SL1500_



The double D-ring works as making the rider high secure, and the adjustable nylon chin strap fits in perfectly. For greater durability the visor is removable, and the pads are washable. It offers 15 different designs.


The helmet is available only in 5 various sizes. 23.23 to 23.62 inches is its limitation. Otherwise, it has a solid flat black design which suits for an adamant personality make this helmet best scooter helmet.


Graphic Style Skull Assassin Black Neoprene Adjustable 2 in 1 Reversible Full Face Mask Motorcycle Snowboard SkiUnlike others, this helmet has some unique specialty, first of all, its look and then the shape and the way it protects the whole face.






The first thing might come in my mind that does it allow the nose and mouth ventilation correctly? The answer is yes. Natural breathing is, of course, possible.  Moreover, it doesn’t interfere with your eyesight. Giving the eyesight priority the company made the product very efficiently. Colorful steampunk skull tribal print design is the best attraction.


However if you are going to a “decent party” the mobile use will help you to change the appearance solid black. The light weight and comfort make it possible to fit even in your pocket. Great item for jungle riding.Covers only face. Only wearing this for riding is not a wise decision for anyone. It is mostly used for other helmets increasing the style and the black personality.


Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet


This helmet is made of ABS plastic shell. The plastic shell keeps the helmet safe from many head injuries. Besides, the plastic makes it lightweight and easy to carry. It can be held easily in school bags. Moreover, the plastic shell gives it a good design. Best scooter helmet holds dual density EPS foam which makes the interior more comfortable and easy to fit in. The helmet has 12 vents which keep the air circulation regular in your head. As a result, it remains fresh. The CPSC for this product is a bicycle.



Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet 41wjfun5kkL 51mrioMg+rL 51o-avEX8fS._SL1000_ 51SN7dYRTzLBell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet




As the CPSC of this helmet is a bicycle, it is not good to use while scooter riding. The plastic shell might not be enough protective. And also, it looks very dull. Who were looking for a stylish helmet might not pick this one. However, many people are still buying this because of its comfort and light weight.


Bell Child’s Hello Kitty Adventurer Multi-Sport Bike Helmet


Babies like this kind of stuff. They always want  best scooter helmetThe color and the shape of this product is designed to attract the kids. Children become so happy if they see any product in a cartoon form. Despite the helmet is so light, it is very safe for them. By the way, the product is available in many different designs. For adult use, the helmet offers their preferred shape. Top and rear vents keep the head always cool. The product is CPSC standard for using in the bikes.


Bell Child’s Hello Kitty Adventurer Multi-Sport Bike Helmet 81xd9oN9HvL._SL1500_ 81xUt3DBRYL._SL1500_ 71964i9LH3L._SL1050_




Only babies and girls will like to use this product because of the shape and design. However, the company made different ways for boys use.




Best Scooters Reviews



Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart









The Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart is a great toy for your child with a speed of 12 mph. The kart is safely built to take care of your baby as much as possible. With the lowest assembly, it is a very favorite or famous in the child packs. If you are confused with which one to buy then, you have a lot of options to choose from.


Most importantly, stay alert with the brand name. Though I don’t own Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart, I did a lot of research with many companies. Now I am going to represent my findings in front of you. I hope you will get your required queries from this. Otherwise, you can comment your question.


The manufacturer plays a crucial role in every product. If you are unaware of the Razor Company, then you will not get the correct idea of the Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart. So, the maker of this is none other but the Razor Company. It was founded in 2000 USA, California and has been holding the rights Razor® brand worldwide.


It is the creator of many kick electric scooters, electric powered ride-on toys. Razor arranges an action video –RVM–featuring Team Razor. It also holds many competitions where many bike riders from aged 9 to 20 travel the whole world taking a part in it. Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kartor owns a lot of awards from TIME, Parents, Parenting, U.S. News and World Report, Sports Illustrated for Kids.


Specification Of Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

The product is for the kids who are at least eight years old and above. Until 140 pounds the kart can carry. With the help of a chain driven motor, the kart can reach up to 12 miles per hour. The good news is it does not need that much of charges to show the battery full. It consistently can serve you up to 45 minutes long after per charge.


Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart


The kart has a durable steel frame for protecting it up from any collision. The vehicle confirms a better security with a shoulder belt. You can also trust the wheels as they are made of molded aluminum to give it a light weight and fast speed. Space inside the kart is about 41 x 16 x 29 inches (W x H x D). The tires size is 4-1/2 and confirms to be safer.


Moreover, the vehicle is compacted with two 12v sealed lead acid batteries. It needs only four to six hours charge to give you 45 minutes of the ride. Your child will be controlling the accelerator by their hands with a little training. Brakes are another essential part.


The kart maximizes the security providing a hard brake for stopping the vehicle within a few seconds. The Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart is unique for a variable-speed. A flag makes the car much more attractive.


First Time Use Guide of Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

Unpack:  Remove the contents from bags. Then separate the foam which keeps the material inside safe. Inspect for scratches in the paint and kinked cables. While shipping many scars can take place among them.



The factory arranges for 99% prevention from the scars while shipping. Still if you find out one then immediately contact Razor USA, toll-free, at (866) 467-2967.
Steering wheel:  Evacuate the jolt and washers toward the end of the management hub. Unravel the wires and orient. Insert steering axle into controlling segment. Precisely turn the Ground Force on its side. We suggest that you have somebody hold the Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart or, on the other hand, you can incline it against a divider for the establishment of the attach pole to the directing hub.
Fix Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart securely: Position the tie-bar control arm onto the steering pivot and install the washers and altering jolt. Utilizing a 10 mm wrench, fix safely.


Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart
Set the seats without seat belt assembly: Find the four (4) long seat connection screw and spacer washers from the parts bag. Position the seat over the casing and align it with the gaps in the frame. Embed the screws utilizing the spacer washer. Insert each of the four screws and washers and fix safely using two Allen key wrenches.
Optional attaching the seat to seat belt assembly: Find the four (4) long seat connection sink and safety belt in the parts pack. Position the seat over the casing and adjust it to the holes in the casing. Position the safety belt grapples with the lap/bar assembly on the left side and the recipient lock on right side. Embed the screws and fix. Introduce the shoulder belt grapple to the back of the seat utilizing the supplied screw, fix safely.
Brakes of Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart: The Ground Force fits with a hand-worked brake. To use the brakes, crush the lever to expand the weight on the brake until so you arrive at a smooth and controlled stop. The brake lever is fitted with link agent to make up for link stretch and to calibrate the lever development to break the engagement.



To conform the play, string the agent in or out 1/4 to 1/2 turn until the wanted brake alteration accomplishes. If the adjuster at the lever is strung outward and the brake still has an excessive amount of slack, utilize the helper agent at the back brake for additional alteration.
Charging the battery: Your Ground Force might not have a completely charged battery at the season of procurement. In this way, it is a quick thought to charge the battery prior use. The charging information, on/off switch and the over-burden breaker is situated on top of the battery/engine spread. Plug in the charger and associate with a family divider outlet.



The charger has a little window with an LED to show the charge status Refer to the outline of the charger unit for the real “charging” and “charged” status signs for your model charger. The starting charge might take from a couple of minutes to up to 4 hours or all the more relying on the level of consumption.


Safety of Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

The loose parts or the braking components must not be making any unusual sound. To confirm, consult with an experienced mechanic.Check the brake very accurately. If you press the lever, the brake should react with an affirmative action.
Look for any broken connections. However, it is rare. It is not impossible for an aggressive driver to run it fast and get hit by a wall or a solid something and break the frame. Get the habit of checking it up on a daily basis.


Pros and Cons

The Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart is an excellent and speedy go-kart. An 8+ child will find it much interesting if s/he loves cars or bikes. The framework is built to keep the riders safe. The 12+ mph speed attracts even the adults. The comfortable interior contributes more to a rider safety.


Moreover, it takes a very few time to get recharged about 4 to 6 hours and serves until 45 minutes continuously driving. However, the go-kart has no bells and whistles with it. Also, for installation, an adult must help a kid. Finally, the seats are tiny. Still under 15 to 16 any child can easily use this.


Other customer reviews on Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

By D. David told that he got a Power Wheels toy  for his kids a girl and a boy. Then they  were 2 and four then. Now my boy is turning 8, and the girl is 10. Now I have bought the Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart. The difference between the two vehicles is the ground force stronger and faster.


The maximum speed of the Power Wheel was five mph, and the Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart tops at 12 mph. I must say even being a 40 years old man and weights over 165 pounds I love this thing.
My son and daughter love this car as it is so faster than the previous one. Once they came out with me and traveled for half an hour and almost 4 to 5 miles, we roamed about. With an easy control, my kids practically spend most of the times with it. Well, the seats are quite small. My daughter faces more problems with the seats than my son. It would be better for a higher position.
By Emili. ” I have bought a Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart for my 6-year-old son, and now he is having a lot of fun with it. I am so glad and impressed at the same time because of the steel frame and the speed.



The top speed may be 15 mph even though it shows that the top speed is 12 mph at the packet. So, I think this one is so much affordable because of its reasonable price and impressive for its performance and safety. Overall it is so fun for riding than others.



By John. ” I gifted the Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart to my son at his 9th birthday. With the go-kart my son was happy and he could easily reach up to 12+ mph. The ground force is so fast, and this is why it is loveable to me. With a very solid throughout the go-kart impresses me. But there are no belt and whistles.


The assembly is also simple. But the only negative part of this the provided manual is unclear. I complained the Razor customer service, and they promised me to give another one. Other than the go-kart is an excellent thing.


Final verdict

In conclusion, I will say that the Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart is the best go-kart to experience your child a speedy ride along with assuring the safety. The go-kart has a high customer review for its speed, safety, design, etc.




How versatile is this? will it fit in the storage compartment of a medium estimated SUV? How hard to lift up?
Answer: Simple!! Yes, it will fit in the SUV. Not hard to lift.


How well does it go tight? We inhabit the base of an upper slope, and I stress over it having the capacity to get to the top.
Answer: It will do fine and dandy it might back off a nit, it is quick insofar as it’s completely charged


What do you recommend for a child that likes cruising around the area with his companions? This Go-kart or the pocket mod?
Answer: I think this relies on upon his size. On the off chance that your child is under four ft tall, I’d say this is an awesome option. In any case, in the wake of having my child drive this around for two or three hundred miles, there are a few things I wish would be changed.
1. I wish there were more alternatives for tires. The durable elastic tires are incredible for smooth glass surfaces like a running track. Extension joints in asphalt or walkway areas that hurl up make for a shock which tosses the kart around also there is no suspension to talk about other than the butt and spine of the driver.
2. Ground leeway is around 2″. With enough speed, most impediments can be cleared however the odd tree root, pine cone, or shake will come into contact with the underside.
Razor makes a model with pneumatic tires that I think would take care of these two minor issues. I’ve investigated swapping the pneumatic tires onto the ground constrain yet the web is light on answers concerning whether this will work.



Sick attempt in the spring however if you were taking a gander at getting him a kart I would run with the model which has the pneumatic tires.



3.What is the weight of Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart?
Answer: It’s 55lbs and holds up to 140lbs. My 8yr old child can lift it up a smidgen to move it when he needs to.